iOS 12.1 beta points to 4K external display support on new iPad Pros



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    nhtnht Posts: 4,522member
    I use a 2018 iPad on a HDTV and it's moderately annoying that iOS pillboxes on a 16:9 screen.  I'd love it if could go 16:9 and put itself into trackpad mode.  Heck, if the iPhone could do that Id really be happy and it'd be worth spending $1000 on a phone.

    Instead I bought my kid a iPhone 7 and will wait and see what the next iPad Pro brings.
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    19831983 Posts: 1,225member
    chasm said:
    There was a “leaked” case design out a little while back that had a hole in the back (just “above” the Lightning port on the back of the case) that would have been the right size for a USB-C port ... it was widely misinterpreted as a Smart Connector hole, but it couldn’t be that (smart connectors are flush with the body).
    I don’t think the iPad Pro is deep enough to support a direct USB-C connector on the back. Maybe opposite the Lightning port at the other end of the device, as suggested by someone else here.
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    Could also possibly be hinting at using an iPad Pro to edit 4K video using an iOS version of Final Cut Pro? That would be outstanding. And if there’s a version of Logic Pro for iOS coming soon, so much the better.
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