Last year's iPhone X beats iPhone XS, XS Max in battery life test



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    I would rule out any normal neural involvement. One of the advantages of NPUs is power efficiency. Even running through recently transferred collection of photos would only take a few minutes at most. Other tasks are mostly on demand (camera, voice, translation etc) and not likely to affect initial use of the phone against regular use.

    Unless it is working abnormally (very unlikely) I would not suspect the neural engine.
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    Soli said:
    1) I'm most curious about how the battery is made for the 5.8" iPhone. Is that single battery or is still two separate batteries like in the 6.5" model?

    2) If not for the archaic physical SIM I think they could move the logic board to the top so that the batteries in both models could a single rectangular design that I believe would be less expensive to build and hold more energy.

    Do you think they could fix it in a software update if enough people complain?
    I think they'll likely resolve it in a SW update even if no one complains. This isn't uncommon for brand new HW on a brand new OS with new firmware.

    Was it you who said that there is a probability that some initial neural processing could account for the lower battery times? I think that makes sense. The battery life would probably normalise after the initial tasks are done.

    It's just like how the first TimeMachine backup is the longest.

    I don't think so. I have considered various ways that a new iPhone uploading a backup and indexing all the data could cause the system to use more power than normal over the first day or two, but I don't recall making that specific comment here.
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    Think I have just solved my XS battery problem, the ‘Dark Sky’ weather App appeared to be draining the battery, so I have now deleted it and so far my battery is now performing same as my previous X, happy days!
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