How to choose between stainless steel vs aluminum Apple Watches



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    mazda 3s said:
    rattlhed said:
    I had a series 2 for two years, it was the aluminum space grey version.  After 2 years the watch looks brand new.  I never babied it, but never had an incident where I thought the watch had a chance of being damaged.  The Ion-X glass is very strong.  Since I didn't feel the need to spend the extra $ on the sapphire glass, I opted for an aluminum series 4 this time around.  So far loving everything about this watch!
    Not any scratches whatsoever on the display? The Ion-X Glass is similar to iPhone glass AFAIK, so it isn’t invincible. I baby the hell out of my iPhone X and have a case on it, but I still have a few hairline scratches on the display after nearly a year of use. 
    Same — I’ve had a SS AAW0 for over three years, zero scratches on screen. I have a sport AW3 for 9 months, and it’s way scratched up. Same guy, same lifestyle, same environments. Sapphire is just much less scratchable. 
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    Out of curiosity what was the name of the blue sports band on the gold stainless steel watch?
    That combination looked better than I would have anticipated. 
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    stanhope said:
    My wish is that Apple would make the watch with a tungsten case....gorgeous color and next to impossible to scratch.

    They should be able to do that without breaking the bank. Seiko makes a $118 (retail) Titanium Sapphire battery-powered watch which is very durable, I have one. 37mm dia, 8mm thick. SGG727 SGG727P1 SGG727P
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    mazda 3s said:
    Stainless steel has sapphire glass -- decision made. The glass on my Series 0 Sport looked like garbage after a few months and I even managed to chip it with a slight bump up against an exterior wall. I'm currently on a Series 2 stainless steel and this thing is virtually indestructible. I can't find ANY signs of wear or abuse on the screen. No scratches, abrasions, chips, marks -- nothing. 

    I took a quick glance at my wife's Series 1 Sport last while it was on the charger and hers is littered with tiny scratches all over the watch face, and she's only had it since April. I really wish that Apple would make Sapphire standard across the board -- really sucks that I have to put up $700 just to get stainless steel, and I don't even want the LTE. I'll probably just buying it second-hand like I did my current Series 2. Let some other poor sap take the depreciation hit.
    That how Apple works.
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    19831983 Posts: 1,225member
    I’ve had my stainless steel one (in silver) for a couple of years now and I barely notice any microabrasions. I am surprised and disappointed that the Series 4 SS versions are only available with cellular though. I have absolutely no need for such a feature and it adds a lot of cost to the device in my part of the world.
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    I'm still wearing the Series 2 and can't decide on which to upgrade to. I have the Series 2 Nike + but I don't need the Nike+ as the extra Nike stuff, I don't use. I'm most likely going up to the Apple Store this weekend some time and at least taking a look and hopefully try on the 44 model to see if it's comfortable since my wrists are small.
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