Apple launched investigation into Bloomberg's China hack claims, 'found nothing'



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    If Apple can move its manufacturing and assembly to the US of A, it would be the biggest thing that Tim Cook pulls off.

    The task is definitely looking improbable, if not impossible, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't one of the aspirational long-term goals for Apple/ Cook.

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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,568member
    sflocal said:
    lkrupp said:

    Apple’s stock and reputation fell because of this story? That’s nonsense. No one but tech blogs care. The market is in a pull back right now and this story has nothing to do with it. In the end, though, stories like this are short seller’s manna from Heaven.

    Really?  Or perhaps the story was a distraction to have people look at Amazon and Apple, so no one is paying attention to Supermicro.

    And Supermicro's stock prices collapsed even further... they lost over 50% of their value in hours.  I bet (and hope) the feds are looking into the short sellers. There's a huge stink in the air.
    Supermicro did the damage to themselves by failing to file required financial data and suffering SEC delisting as a result of that and some "accounting irregularities" . They've fallen to over-the-counter status. Something of note happened to them in 2015 and they've been unable (unwilling) to submit proper and accurate financial reports to the SEC as required for 2015 thru 2017 results,  saying that there's unspecified roadblocks to doing so that they've not been able to rectify.   That's a weird story in itself.
    and a few days ago:

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    It is unclear how, or even if, the allegations can be disproven, as Bloomberg has yet to produce conclusive evidence of the scheme beyond information from anonymous sources.
     The statement above says it all. No evidence, emails, no government contacts. Nothing! So what's there to disprove? Bloomberg has a fairytale that is just a fairytale.
    They tried to make Apple look really bad and have only made themselves look really bad. They have nothing to show for it except lack of credibility.
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    My five year old iMac blue tooth keyboard suddenly stopped working about an hour ago. The USB-connected mouse worked fine, but I couldn't use the keyboard. I went to System Preferences to check it out, and a popup notified me that some location in China was trying to connect to my WiFi. My computer is hardwired, so they couldn't have gotten in via using the WiFi signal that way. The only other option would appear to be the WiFi signal using the wireless keyboard. I switched to a Logitech wired keyboard, and the problem disappeared. Can anyone explain this to a novice?
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