[Petition] MacBook Pro 2016 and later LCD backlight issue - Apple's Extended Warranty Program

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Hello everyone!

More and more people are facing with stage light effect (appears at the bottom of the screen when you set at a high brightness level) and backlight shutdown (comes after opening the lid for above at a certain degree). Both of them caused by fractured display flex cable due to its design flaw.

I’ve just published a petition on change.org (https://www.change.org/p/apple-fix-all-new-macbook-pro-2016-or-later-with-stage-light-effect-or-backlight-shutdown) and created website called Flexgate (https://flexgate.me) related this issue where you can discover more info.

My laptop is affected too, so this is the reason why I am doing this all. I want to make Apple launch extended warranty program regarding this issue and I need your help guys.

I kindly ask you to sign this petition. Together we can achieve our goal. Thank you!


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