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Hey everybody,


I'm a college student and I want to get some kind of Apple laptop. I have a Lenovo Thinkpad P50 right now that can't last more than a class' worth of notes without dying, and it takes forever to boot up. It doesn't make sense because it's a nearly $2000 engineering computer but it's whatever. My computer right now is a brick, too, which isn't fun to carry around all day when it's 90+ degrees outside in Texas.


I'm looking to get the cheapest Apple laptop that I can that meets these requirements:

  • can last 1-2 days (2-3 if possible) without needing a charge if I'm just taking notes in class and occasionally using the internet for homework
  • is lightweight


What I don't need:

  • something that can run all sorts of software and crazy programs


So to summarize, this is what I need out of this computer:

  • take notes and do homework
  • be able to take it to class for a day or two and do some homework after without it dying
  • lightweight


Someone with more knowledge on the subject, please let me know what year and model you think would be the best for me  I'm open to getting a refurbished one that's a few years old, I'm just not sure which one specifically would be the best for my needs that won't break the bank. Could be a Macbook, Macbook Air, or a Macbook Pro. Whatever you think fits the bill.


Thank you!


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