Apogee Jam+ USB interface for Mac and iOS adds USB-C, better sound input

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On Tuesday, audio gear maker Apogee revealed the Jam+, an upgraded version of its USB input for musicians looking to connect guitars, keyboards, and other instruments to a Mac or iOS device for recording.

Apogee Jam+

The peripheral features enhanced circuitry for better analog to digital conversion, a digital encoder knob, and stereo output for direct headphone or speaker connections. A "Blend" button turns on low-latency monitoring, and an "Overdrive" mode is intended to make virtual amps and pedals feel more realistic.

The Jam+ supports 24-bit, 96-kilohertz recording, and comes bundled with Lightning, USB-A, and USB-C cables. It also comes with Positive Grid's BIAS JAM FX software for Mac and Windows, which includes 3 amps, 6 effects, and an assortment of "essential" pedals.

The original Jam dates back to 2010, and is still on sale.

The Jam+ is launching today at a cost of $159. It's available from Apogee and a number of third-party retailers, including Apple retail stores.


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    96khz/24bit input devices are actually relatively rare, especially at this price point. I'm thinking about digitizing some vinyl records. I imagine to do that with this device would require a phono stage to boost the input signal from a standard record deck? Anyone have an opinion whether this is a good use for this device or are there better options around this price?
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    My Jam 96K is a monaural one channel interface, so as far as I know it won’t work for vinyl restoration. 
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    For line and mic level signals, a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 could work, but you would need a phono preamp?
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