Rampant Chinese iPhone repair fraud forced Apple to develop countermeasures



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    sflocal said:
    Wow.  So right now, 1 out of 5 iPhones brought in for warranty claims are STILL fraudulent?

    Is China soft on crime?  I would think it embarrassing for the Chinese government.
    If the Chinese government wanted the fraudsters shut down, they'd be shut down.  Ergo, they don't want them shut down.  Why?  I don't know.  Maybe there's a "profit sharing plan" in place with government officials.  Maybe it's a quasi-official "tax".  Maybe it's simple apathy for the plight of "foreigners" in their country.

    Why yes, my hat is made of tin foil.  Why do you ask?
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    Fraud is just a whole other level in China. I remember in China seeing someone buying something in a convenience store and the cashier literally checking not just every single bill, but dropping coins, equivalents of pennies even, on the counter to listen to the tone that the coins would make as a way of detecting fakes. Also, I remember seeing repair fraud when I worked at an Apple Store 7+ years ago and reporting it to management. They just shrugged. The same shady looking guy with a coke nail came in every single day and when we looked him up was visiting every single store in the area everyday to get his iPhones that somehow looked fine but never turned on, swapped out. I figured he was washing serials for stolen iPhones. This was before activation lock mind you.

    Apple makes so much money it took them years to notice this and still it's a minor impact to their bottom line. It's amazing the scale that this reached in China though.
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