NSA cybersecurity head can't find corroboration for iCloud spy chip report



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    The Obama Administration allowed the hacks to occur just like they ignored Russian hacking. They didn’t want to impact Chivese biz! I reported CALEA FBI wiretap Network hacks with trace route and switch info to them that was totally ignored-this was inside switch/router data! Not one Obama Administrative agency cared from FBI to Homeland Security! I doubt it was huge numbers of products from China, but Ethernet cards and other active connectors also impacted. Given political chaos in China the effectiveness is unknown as well!
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    Bloomberg reporter and the editor who approved the story messed up by not doing their homework!

    Common sense would have had them check with someone in micro-chip development to even ask the question what size would the chip be that could do this and they would have realized the chip would have needed to be much larger than a gain of rice and even the idea of the Ethernet port connector would also be impractical, let alone the exposed data flows.

    Somebody found a very gullible reporter and editor for this fantastical yarn!

    Bloomberg will no longer be believed and I bet Apple and the others will kick their butts to the street for any press meetings.
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    mac_dog said:
    Rayz2016 said:

    This will be the last time the NSA comes out on Apple's side.
    Two things:
    1) big financial houses are still pissed off at Steve Jobs for not allowing them preferential access to purchase and broker Apple stocks in bulk (pre-IPO) and therefore, unable to manipulate the company in the way they see fit. I believe this is the origin of all (or most of) the Apple hate;

    I never knew that. Thanks for that info.

    Once again, I admire Steve!

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    dewme said:
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    gilly017 said:
    dewme said:
    Bloomberg's house of cards is in full collapse. 
    Let’s hope so. Tired of these jokers aka the media spouting gloom and doom when it comes to Apple in particular and the USA in general. 
    Just on this story. I have no problem with Bloomberg in general. Like most media outlets they serve a vital role in presenting stories for the public to consume. The public is still, and always has been, responsible for applying critical thinking to everything they consume. As long as we, the general public and not someone else in a position of authority, are the ones who decide how we interpret and process information from a wide variety of sources, there is no problem. I'm comfortable with my interpretation process and transformation of data --> information --> intelligence residing with me. Bloomberg and every other media outlet makes mistakes and reaches faulty conclusions on occasion. There is a confluence of data and information out there now that seems to indicate that Bloomberg has reached the wrong conclusion in this case. However, every reasonable person who is questioning Bloomberg's conclusion, like the NSA chief and many AI commenters, have also stated that if Bloomberg is able to produce physical evidence to back up their claims then their seemingly collapsing house of cards may be more solid than we assumed based on the lack of evidence. If Bloomberg doesn't provide physical evidence the only logical conclusion is that they are wrong. 
    Yes everyone should look at what they read with a critical eye, but this assumes what is written is accurate to begin with. You can not have 10 people read a fact base article and come way with 10 different interruption. You are seeing it here everyone has their own slant on a article which should be supported by facts. 

    If this really happen and Bloomberg wants to claim they worked this for a year, did they every see the chip itself, why didn't they include pictures of the actual device. If there were 30,000 compromised computers you think someone would have gotten their hands on one. It is like saying Supermicro murdered someone and they can not produce the weapon or the body and can not even identify who the person that was murdered. However they have a number of anonymous sources who claim to have seen the murder. 

    That is okay, our fine Senators will get to the bottom of this, they ask Supermicro to provide the all document related to what happen. You know if it never happen and Supermirco and not product document to show it happen the government will conclude there is a cover up.
    Determining whether something is a "fact based article" requires critical thinking. And yes, every individual is absolutely entitled to their own interpretation of data and information to form their own opinions and conclusions. We don't have to pick sides or be subsumed into an assumed group/classification model that is expected to react as a homogeneous and predictable entity. Part of critical thinking is being open to changing one's mind if additional evidence or compelling reasons arise that warrant reevaluation. Yes, even when cognitive dissonance is tearing at your core belief system, critical thinking will allow you to accept change when there are objective reasons for doing so. I read The Onion all of the time because I enjoy the satire. It's totally fake, by design. Some of it is plain silly. But all intelligent and well-crafted humor contains a grain of truth or exposes some underlying bias that when recognized allows you to laugh at yourself and those around you when they are presented in a humorous way. Nobody likes to be told they are doing something stupid, but framing it in a humorous way makes it easier to digest.

    The necessity for critical thinking has never been as important as it is today. Anyone with a Twitter account can become a self-publisher of their own version of reality. It's no longer just the morning newspaper and the 6 o'clock news, it's a never ending stream of data and information from multiple sources splashing over you from all directions. The human brain normally processes all of these feeds in a listen-think-act manner - except when it is under duress, at which point the "think" part of the process is reduced to a "canned" response that was originally intended to maximize survival. Critical thinking reinstates the "think" step as a priority in the process, but more importantly helps to avoid letting other people, especially those deemed to have authority or influence, from injecting their own "think-replacement" into your brain's natural evaluation process. All it takes is something to prod you into a feeling of duress, yank out the (critical) thinking part, replace it with the authoritarian's/influencer's canned response, and now you're acting under someone else's evaluation process. In this specific case the threat is that Chinese PRC agents are infiltrating hardware servers of major cloud service providers, telecoms, and even the US military's computing resources for nefarious reasons. So rather than evaluating the claims and seeking physical evidence, and letting the evidence lead us to the most logical conclusions, we're getting senate members potentially conflating this into much more and people questioning whether they can trust the own government. The "think" step has obviously been replaced by action, some of which is probably misguided. 

    Again, all Bloomberg needs to do is provide physical evidence to support their claims. Let's focus on getting that and then see where it leads us.   
    Actually, no people are not allow to have their own interpretation of data, 1+1=2 its not 1, its not 3, its not 1.999999, and its not 2.11111 This is the problem when people beliefs  are in conflict with facts they want to change the fact to match their interpretations. Remember facts do not care about people's feeling and emotions.

    Yes people do not like being told they are wrong let alone stupid. Most people are just happy being in their own reality and avoid knowing the truth. This is one thing I learned if someone is claiming something is being true and all data and fact say otherwise, they will not like you point this out to them. This is the society we live in today fact do not mater it how some feels and their feelings are the truth.
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