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The AppleInsider Podcast gets seriously into money as we examine App Store fraud in China and how Apple Pay won over CVS. Plus, what you should buy from Google's new hardware -- and what we think Apple's going to show us.

Tim Cook presenting at an Apple event

AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and writer William Gallagher discuss:
  • Just what Apple is playing at with its October event. If the company is to hold one at all this year, it's already cutting things close.
  • Nonetheless, that never stops some predictions and this time Victor is holding out for a new Mac mini, William yearns for an updated iMac and they both manage to find a little cold water to pour over each other.
  • We certainly won't see an Apple event while Tim Cook is touring China but while Victor is following the CEO's adventures, William goes too far wondering about succession plans and when Angela Ahrendts will take over.
  • As Cook visits Beijing, two of China's biggest mobile payments companies are alleging that stolen Apple IDs linked to accounts are being used to defraud them. Victor worries for Apple's reputation in security while William wonders just how many times you can illegally download Angry Birds.
  • There's better news with payment companies in the US as Apple Pay has finally come to CVS. William champions the Apple Pay that he uses every day in the UK and Victor musters an argument in favor of how stores like Walmart are using alternatives.
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