Six 2018 iPad Pro models spotted in app analytics data



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    macguimacgui Posts: 2,071member
    ElCapitan said:
    On these new models the notch will rotate with the screen orientation, so you always have one centered in the top middle of your screen.  
    I'll pay extra for that! LOL

    I want an new iPad mini. It doesn't have to be a Pro or have FID. I'd be happy with typical cycle bumps. But I'm not holding my breath.

    So it'll be a 10.5" iPP or it's replacement, if compelling, and an iP4 mini, unless there's an update of any nature.

    All brought to me by the greediest company in the world. It almost makes me want to invest in the philanthropic Samsung 'verse. They know how to serve man. ROFL
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    mac_128 said:
    Perhaps the iPod nano is the thinnest possible, perhaps it’s not. USB-C requires a 2.5mm opening, not including the port housing. So we’re still talking about a 1mm difference. You’re saying an LCD display can be 1.5mm. So that’s 5mm with the headphone jack, with almost 1mm to accomodate the casing and port housing, the extra depth can be carved out of the case thickness if necessary. And that’s assuming we really are restricted to 5.86mm. But here’s the rub, if Apple reduced the thickness by .5mm in lieu of leaving the headphone jack, I’d call that a poor exchange.

    Regarding USBC, that 1 less mm makes the difference between having the port or not in a 6 mm thick device where the display goes to within 6 mm of the edge, right? The audio jack is about 

    After some searching, the Vivo X5Max smartphone from 3 years ago does what you are thinking about, and having the port housing eat into the back and front casing. And insulating housing has to be there to prevent shorts. This phone is 5.1 mm versus the 5.3 mm of an iPod nano.

    Back then, top and bottom bezels were about 10 to 18 mm, and this phone looked to have iPhone 6 like bezels of about 18 mm. Plenty of room for an 3.5mm audio port housing as it didn’t need to squeeze the display in. This phone had an OLED display component, not including cover glass I think, of 1.35 mm. LCD displays will be thicker than this by 30 to 50%. I don’t think you can fit in an LCD and be less 6.5 mm, maybe 7 mm depending on LCD type. And OLEDs aren’t coming to iPads for awhile.

    There was a China only version of this X5Max phone that was 4.75 mm thick, but I could not confirm whether it had an audio port or not.

    mac_128 said:
    The problem with reducing the iPad to one port, basically makes any serious audio work more problematic, requiring the purchase of additional dongles, and makes it less of a portable, self-contained solution, compared to the MacBook, when the inclusion of a simple port and less than another mm to accomodate it would solve the problem. Who knows, perhaps Apple will introduce low latency technology in their wireless devices, with uncompressed audio.  But I doubt it.
    Apple is already on the train to try to make USBC the one and only connector. I think it will be going away from low end Macs in the next couple of years. They are now down to 1 or 2 USBC ports plus and audio port. There will be a time when there will be enough audio accessories that use USBC and Apple will remove them from Macs too. I would say 2 USBC should be the minimum. Going down to 1 port only sounds pretty tough.

    When the iPad Pros and new low end laptop lineup is announced, with a few weeks, don’t be surprised to see no 3.5 mm audio ports in them at all. It’s all going to be USBC or TB3.
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    pbpb Posts: 4,237member
    entropys said:
    Maybe the extra two are iPad Mini Pros? (Yes that’s a joke)
    This is what I would like to believe. From a size point of view it makes more sense to have a pro version of the mini than to introduce a new 11" iPad in between the two existing pro models. But who knows if Apple thinks the same.

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