Saudi journalist used Apple Watch to record own interrogation and execution, report says [...



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    If someone folishly connect the watch wifi and there is option once connected to the wifi data automatically transfer to the icloud or iPhone. Mostly close person have the icloud pwd specially when have serious threat 
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    backstab said:
    lenn said:
    If CNN reported that water is wet I wouldn't believe them. CNN like most other American "news" outlets are in business to make money and create controversy so more people will watch them and their advertisers content. The Washington Post is the same.

    This is, of course, complete horseshit. 
    Unnecessarily dismissive and does very little to forward your argument.

    No offense, of course. :)
    If that's how you describe his comment; then how would you describe the original comment that he was replying to?
    Sorry, I actually agree with FastaSleep...I just think calling something 'horse shit' is infantile.

    My bad. :)
    How do you know I'm not an infant?
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    First of all we are reading propaganda coming from governments with an agenda. Second of all, we are dealing with “The Craft”, otherwise known as the international espionage / spy game. 

    Lastly, the reporter has a long history with the Muslim Brotherhood which is very much opposed to the Saudi regime, especially with the new reforms the Millennial Crown Prince is pursuing. 

    You really cannot believe anything we read in the papers. The real truth will never be known. 

    Is it possible this reporter was tortured and executed? Most assuredly, if you look into his background and history. The man had a huge target on his head. Were there a whole lot of reasons for him to be targeted? Well, what’s public versus what the intelligence agencies know are two different things. But looking at what is public knowledge certainly draws a clear picture that he was a serious enemy of the Saudi Royal Crown Prince and not just because of his journalism. He was definitely playing dangerous games. Which makes it very risky to waltz into the Saudi Consolate in Turkey.  

    Wheres his body? He could have been liquified and quite literally flushed into the Turkish sewer system. 

    Do I buy an Apple Watch recording? Well it is possible although highly unlikely. Would Turkey release the audio as a PR stunt?

    What Trump says publicly vs what is said behind closed doors?  The Muslim Brotherhood is also America’s enemy. 

    Far too many questions and no details.
    You're repeating the Fox News/Republican whisper campaign talking points to dehumanize Khashoggi, just like the parading of photos with him with Osama Bin Laden, while ignoring the fact that these things happened decades ago covering the Mujahideen fighting the Soviets in the 80s with every other Western journalist obsessing over covering that movement. Not to mention the victim shaming going on here.

    The man was a journalist for the Washington Post who was actively working on forming working to launch a non-governmental organization whose stated purpose was to boost democracy and human rights in the Arab world, but you're implying he was somehow an enemy of America through his past associations.  So I guess the smear campaign is working on a few of you, but throwing this out there for those who don't buy the Fox News spin.
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    Is it possible this reporter was tortured and executed? Most assuredly, if you look into his background and history.
    This says more about you than it does about him.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for heading straight to victim blaming as an "explanation".
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