Apple's Mac mini, MacBook Air, and iPad Pro event on the AppleInsider Podcast

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On this special episode of the AppleInsider Podcast, Victor and Daniel Eran Dilger talk through Apple's Brooklyn 'There's More in the Making' event. Dan was on site to talk to us all about the new products, and his hands-on impressions of them.

The 2018 iPad Pro demonstrated on-stage by Adobe
The 2018 iPad Pro demonstrated on-stage by Adobe

AppleInsider editors Victor Marks and Daniel Eran Dilger discuss:

  • Apple's big announcements: MacBook Air, Mac mini, and two iPad Pro models and accessories.
  • Dan is surprised that the MacBook Air returned, but he and Victor both own them and like other users, love the portability of them.
  • The Mac mini is back, but it isn't really for the same user it started out being for - it's definitely aimed at render farms, build farms, and server farms, with 10 Gigabit ethernet as an option on the machine.
  • The iPad Pro models were clearly the stars of the show, given that 2k and Ubisoft showed them running console-class games, and "Real Photoshop" - the emphasis on "Real" because it's running the same engine as desktop Adobe Photoshop.
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    Really appreciate the prompt podcast! Well done! :)

    To Dan's point on how Apple 'pushes' out the latest tech features, 'b/c they have too.'

    I remember Stevo saying, 'in tech, you have to be 10 years ahead, and Apple is about five.' (Ca. ~2010) I think they're pretty close to Stevo's goal, b/c the competition can only make poor copies, and are not matching Apple's offerings.

    There's nothing on the market that has the software eco-system and the quality of devices as does Apple. BTW: I'm blown away with the iPad Pro's! :)

    My AppleWatch, Se, 2017 MacBook, iPad mini, ATV and AirPods are just delightful devices. And they're always in sync. The Notes App, Mail, Safari links, Podcasts, Calendar, iTunes, KeyChain, iCloud, Pages, Numbers, and now News are just fantastic.

    I try to use only Apple Apps and minimize my use of third party apps. No Google, FaceBook, MS or Amazon products are in my home or on my devices.

    Anyway, best regards, guys. :)

    P.S. The MacBookAir is a wonderful product. I'm a little bit envious of the Touch ID and the improved TrackPad compared to my 2017 MacBook (rose gold), but I went all in with the MacBook because it was so light. I could have bought the MBP (Esc) with a larger, better screen, faster processor, more I/O, etc., etc. but elected to go with 'weight' as my main consideration. And I'm glad I did. :) 

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