Apple issues second release of iOS 12.1 just for the iPhone XR

in iOS edited November 2018
Apple has rolled out a new release of iOS 12.1 specifically for the iPhone XR, with the update rolling out to the iPhone model if it has not already gone through the update process with the version released seven days ago.

Group FaceTime on iOS 12.1
Group FaceTime on iOS 12.1

The update, released on Tuesday, brings iPhone XR users who have not moved to iOS 12.1 to the latest-generational release. Attempts by AppleInsider to perform a software update on an iPhone XR running last week's version of the release were not fruitful, and suggests it will not work for early adopters of iOS 12.1.

Tuesday's update is build number 16B94, up from the 16B93 build used for the earlier version of the update. It is unclear exactly what is different in the new update over the older version, but it seems to be iPhone XR-specific in nature. Not all iPhone XR owners are getting prompted to download the new version, and already having iOS 12.1 does not necessarily seem to preclude being offered a new download.

Owners of the iPhone XR who are still on iOS 12 can move to iOS 12.1 by entering the Settings app, selecting General, then Software Update.

The new features in iOS 12.1 include Group FaceTime, which supports video conversations between up to 32 people at the same time. Approximately 70 new emoji are also included in the release, as well as Depth Control in real-time camera previews, a fix for "beautygate," and bugfixes relating to charging problems in some iPhones and iPads.

The release also enables Dual-SIM support, enabling users to use two cellular plans on one device, with a physical SIM combined with an eSIM, or two physical SIM cards in China.


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    That's odd. My XR updated to 12.1 last week without incident, and has been running smoothly thereafter.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,523member
    OT - I'm hoping for a Mojave dev update asap.  The previous one finally fixed the glitch in Photoshop's Liquify filters then the one last week put it back!
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    if you plug a xr into itunes it will let you update to the 2nd verision of ios 12.1
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    AKCAKC Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    I updated my xr today via iTunes and it crashed, now u have to go to the Appel store to get a new phone.
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