Apple considering offline mode for Siri that could process voice locally on an iPhone



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    lkrupp said:
    This looks like a solution in need of a problem to me. I would think the number of iOS devices, especially iPhones, NOT connected to the Internet is a minuscule minority indeed. My iOS devices are connected 24/7 via WiFi or LTE.
    • If you live in a rural area like New Mexico Cellular networks are thin and very slow!
    • If you live in a dense city like Boston the problem is to many people fighting for the bandwidth.

    This is a big issue as we don't really have a full proof reliable connection all of the time.
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    hodar said:
    So, if you think Siri is stupid now, just wait.

    Try asking Siri a very basic question, like "How old am I", or "When will I be 59 1/2 years old".  Siri will suggest websites; which is asinine.  Siri knows my birthday, anniversary, the birthday of my kids, friends and neighbors (as long as I have the information in my contacts); but is unable to use that date, and a calendar to answer very basic questions.  Voice recognition on Siri has improved - but Siri's ability to do anything useful with that information is almost 5 years behind both Google, and Amazon - which is pathetic - since Apple practically invented a useful Virtual Assistant.

    Now, between Cortana, Echo and Google Echo - Siri is pretty much a dead last competitor; when it should be the BEST - by far.
    Bogus. Siri tells me how old I am just fine. So did you just make that up?
    I’m always a little bewildered by the claims of something Siri “can’t do” that take literally less than 10 seconds to verify that Siri can actually do. 
    I have to laugh!

    Siri only knows what you've already told it. If you had your birthday info in your info card then it will find it and tell you!

    But, if you've left it blank how would it know? It wouldn't! So the answer is Siri is not dumb, you forgot to tell it, thats assuming you wanted it to know!
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