iPad Pro 12.9-inch review: Putting Apple's 'pro' claim to the test



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    When is Photoshop coming? 2019? First quarter? Second quarter? December 31st?

    Not buying an iPad Pro until I hear a release date.
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    Appleish said:
    When is Photoshop coming? 2019? First quarter? Second quarter? December 31st?

    Not buying an iPad Pro until I hear a release date.
    The only thing Adobe said was that it was coming in 2019. No precise release date or time-frame was announced.
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 16,937member
    I think it's fair to say it's a "pro" device.  In fact, it's gotten so impressive that I don't think I'm going to buy a new MacBook next time.   I am on a 2015-16 MacBook Pro right now, which I use for work almost exclusively.  Our "family" computer is an old 2009 MBP that is on its last legs and then some.  For what we do with it, I think a decent spec'd iPad Pro would be more than enough.  My issue has always been multitasking and typing.  I hate anything that's not a full size keyboard.  But I think both of those concerns have been addressed now.  No need to spend $2,500+ on a MBP.  I can spend $1,200 or so and be fine.  
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    TomETomE Posts: 137member
    Marzipan - Interesting.  Time will tell.

    Since I don't walk around with my "computing device" in my hand, it is much more natural to use a notebook on my desk or on my lapboard.  I like the track pad.  I used to not be able to use my track pad very well, but I have adapted.  I am pretty certain I will not be able to adapt to not having a trackpad or a mouse - they are more efficient.

    A Tablet without a mouse or a trackpad would drive a programmer nuts - be it Excel, Filemaker, or pretty much anything.  There are many kinds of Creatives.  
    when I have a Laptop, I prefer it - viewing angle, screen / input interface, etc.

    Bear in mind that Apple already has working many generations of products in the labs that we may never see as consumers - it might not be cost effective to build them currently - but in the future is another thing.  I welcome the ability to run iOS Apps on the Mac or use a real trackpad and mouse on the iPad.  But Most of All, I want to be able to run iOS Apps on my Mac or on a new Mac that I might buy.  And I want Apple to settle on the USB-C Thunderbolt i/o (or whatever) and get on with it.

    And . . . .  Apple should become a Virtual Provider to create a new revenue stream for stockholders.  
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    Is it fair to ask if the pencil comes in black?  (Like Bruce Wayne asking about the Tumbler).

    The bezels are black.  A black pencil would fade into the background, esp when a monitor is above the ipad in some of the pix.

    That white really sticks out.  Doesn't seem very Jony Ive where the device fades into the background and only your content remains.

    White or black, purchaser's choice.

    Product-Red for $10 more?  Less likely to lose it on a desk.

    Then colors like the apple watch bands.  That rich blue is nice.

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    Im my office at my home, I have a 5k iMac that's home-based I would say. However, I haven't owned a laptop for almost 3 years when Im out in the field.  I have 6 offices outside my home & I travel a good amount for business.  I honestly find that iOS, especially since 11 meets most of my needs.  That said if iOS 13 gave the iPad Pro the ability to access a full browser version of Safari, I think this device would pretty much be perfect for me. We use iPads extensively at all of my offices. Most locations only have 1 or 2 iMacs but everyone else uses iPads.
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