Apple axed Tumblr from App Store because of failed child pornography filters



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    command_f said:
    darkpaw said:
    Apple did the right thing here. Tumblr did the right thing here.
    I agree. There are often shades of grey around "unacceptable" content and it's not ideal for Apple to be the one doing the policing but this case is clear: there's nothing grey about the unacceptability of this type of content. Apple's action is positive: it has not only caused the removal of the material, it has publicised the whole issue and contributed to the debate about how best to police it. It also seems that Tumblr is trying hard to get it right.

    For many reasons, I hope Apple doesn't have to do this again.
    Well you can hope but this is a direct result of mental defects that science does not have a solution for. As long as these people are born, society will have to deal with molesters.  It is an ugly reality but this is just one point in an array of sexual disorders like homosexuality, SM, bondage and a host of other defects, some society can deal with others they can’t.  
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