'Tim Cook for President' and other tawdry campaigns from Qualcomm's PR bulldog



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    markbyrn said:
    Really?  Numerous non-conservative news or non-political tech sources reported that Apple was using 'slower' or 'inferior' Intel modems due to their dispute with Qualcomm.  Apple 'bowing' to China's censorship policies was covered in a wide range of media including the New York Times and The Guardian.  The Slate reported that "Apple and Amazon are helping China censor the Internet"; don't recall them being a bastion of right-wing thought.   As for the draft Tim Cook 2020 propaganda, it's easy to see why people might swallow it because unlike Steve Jobs, Cook is not shy to push his social-political beliefs under the company banner.   Don't doubt that Qualcomm might try to fan anti-Apple flames but fair or not, there's plenty of criticism of Apple, political or not.    
    It's all clickbait now, all of the outlets happily run any provocative story that attracts views. Especially if someone else is running the story, they don't want to miss out.

    "Chief executive and co-founder Matt Rhoades in a statement said its work "is absolutely no different than what public affairs firms do every day for their clients across industries and issues across the country. We are proud of the work we do for our clients." 

    Uh, so was Goebbels.
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    I wonder if these campaigns are made on Macs?

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    Just more dreadful business goings-on. The US will always reduce the bar as it has no morals, never mind complying with its own constitution. I’m sure Apple won’t be bothered. As for Tim Cook for president it’s not much of a compliment bearing in mind the current incumbent, but he’d certainly do a better job, in theory. He wouldn’t be allowed to, of course, due to the US business elites. 
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