iPhone XR is topping XS & XS Max in sales, says Apple's Greg Joswiak



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    asdasd said:
    asdasd said:
    Doesn't say much.  It can simultaneously be the best-selling iPhone model and not sell according to management's expectation
    However, it does contradict the analysts. 
    Doesn't contradict anything.  Having the XR be the single best-selling iPhone model since it launched and having XR productions cuts due to not selling according to management's initial expectations can simultaneously be true.
    The analysts don’t know management’s internal projections. Nor do you. 

    Whether analysts or I know or not is irrelevant.  Saying that the XR is the single-best selling iPhone model every day since launch by itself doesn't indicate how well it's selling.  It's a PR defensive move
    Just like last year was a PR move when Cook said the same exact thing to the same exact rumor, too, right?

    The glass is always half-empty with you people. 
    canukstorm is a millennial, thus he needs to listen to the analysts speaking from their rears. It is truly amazing how dumb the population is. This hamster wheel of unsubstantiated gossip goes around every year and our great Apple proves everybody wrong with the numbers. BUT, THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT!....LOL
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    brucemcbrucemc Posts: 1,527member
    chasm said:
    Doesn't say much.  It can simultaneously be the best-selling iPhone model and not sell according to management's expectation
    Except that that would mean that sales of the other models are also “slow,” and that would trigger a legal obligation for the company to advise investors of the strong possibility of missing its guidance. As a reminder, Apple has forecast a record-setting guidance that is $10 billion higher that last year’s fiscal Q1.

    So either Joz is wrong, or the reports we8ve seen are BS — as DED has already pointed out in a particularly well-researched article here on AI.
    Actually, that isn't the case.  Apple's forecast for Q1'19 is a range of $89-93B USD.  Last year's Q1 was $88.3B USD.  So if they reach the upper end of guidance, it would be a 5.3% increase YoY. 

    If you factor in the higher ASPs expected, with growth in services, and wearables, Apple likely "IS" modelling for (small %) iPhone unit sales decline.  Which is fine.  Overall revenue is expected to be up, with growth in a couple of key areas.  The global smartphone market is estimated to have declined by 9% in the last quarter (when Apple was slightly up / flat), so Apple is still doing much better than the overall market in terms of sales trends, and of course have the higher ASPs, and majority of premium users.

    The devices, especially for Apple, are lasting longer.  People holding them for longer periods of time.  Better resale, which means someone is buying the used iPhones and not the new ones.  While of course increasing new unit sales would be the best, it is far better for Apple to have a growing user base through the grey market than just be concerned about unit sales (hence...unit sales do not represent the health of Apples iPhone business...and thus why have stopped reporting it).
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    I think it’s worth noting that Apple made its forecast for the current quarter on November 1st, one third into the quarter, when the Xs and Xs Max had been available for over a month, but the Xr had been available for less than a week. Given the choice, Apple would prefer to sell more of the pricier and higher-margin models, and it’s unclear why the author of this article thinks that “failure to beat the XS would likely signal major miscalculations on Apple’s part,” especially since their most expensive phone (the X) was also the best-selling model in every region worldwide last year. But presumably Apple had more insight into Xs/Xs Max sales when they made their forecast, so better performance of the Xr should help them hit the higher range of the forecast. 
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    I can't imagine that I'm the only one who still uses an older iPhone. I had the original, then the 3GS, 4, and 5. Now I'm using a 6. It is working fine running iOS 12 although I did have it replaced recently for $29 due to bulging battery. Ever since the subsidies ended I have not upgraded my phone.

    The phones do last a long time in my experience. My last phone, the 5 is still working fine as well, which I handed down to my housekeeper. I don't know but perhaps the 4 I gave to my gardener might be working as well. The 3GS met its fate in the washing machine. Would still turn on but didn't work. My original iPhone I sold after two years when I upgraded.

    At a certain point everyone on the planet who can afford an iPhone will have one and then the only market space will be upgrades or Android switchers. Going forward I can see that it might be a challenge for Apple to continue to exceed their record sales, which is probably one reason they decided to end the unit sales reports.

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    Doesn't say much.  It can simultaneously be the best-selling iPhone model and not sell according to management's expectation
    All he is saying is that it is 'best-selling' in relation to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max sales -- which aren't selling well (in unit umbers) to begin with. Do the math.
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