Apple issues fourth developer beta for macOS 10.14.2

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Apple on Wednesday released a fourth developer beta of macOS 10.14.2, an upcoming update for owners of macOS Mojave.

macOS Mojave

The software, build 18C52a, is available through Apple's developer portal, or else through macOS' native Software Update tool. In both cases people must be registered Apple developers and use the correct profile.

It's not yet clear what if any changes have been made. Past betas have included no significant feature changes, suggesting that Apple is concentrating on bugfixes and security improvements. The third beta was seeded just shy of two weeks ago.

AppleInsider and Apple itself strongly caution beta users against installing the software on "mission-critical" hardware, due to the potential for data loss among other possible issues. Even on secondary hardware it's recommended that testers perform regular backups of any important data.


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    Public Beta v10.14.2 Beta (18C52a) is out too.
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 9,466member
    I’ve got enough features to fiddle with for years to come. Stability, security, and bug fixes are my fervent wishes now. Mojave is running quite well for me, though. The only bug that is still making me spew coffee out of my nose is the damn Time Machine disk icon. After every reboot I have to re-select my Time Machine disk to get the icon to change from the generic to the Time Machine one. And this bug, in a number of different scenarios, has been going on for years now through a number of macOS versions. Why it’s so difficult to deal with this I don’t know but I’m certainly not alone. There are sporadic reports all the time on the Apple Discussion Forums.
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