Q: Which mac mini can run 4k without fan noise?

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just got the 2018 Mac mini: 3.0ghz i5 8gb, 256gb ssd

The fan is on often and constant when viewing 4k 60fps on youtube.

I need something that can support 4k 60fps with split screen browsing.


Would i7 / more ram solve this issue? or do I need an external graphics card?

Or no apple...?


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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 3,715administrator
    Probably none. It's audible but is pretty quiet on my i7. If you want silent 4K, get an iMac, MacBook Pro 15-inch, or BlackMagic eGPU.
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    Would the amount of ram on (your) macmini i7 make a difference?
    I should note youtube dropps a lot of frames when I run 4k 60fps.

    On my 2015mbp 2.2ghz 16gb it barely dropped any frames but the fan was even louder.

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