connect new Macbook (usb-c) to very old Macbook via (old usb) for traget disk mode?

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Hi, I have a question regarding getting data off an old MBP (circa 2011 or 2012).  Its video chip died about a year ago and I took it to the Apple store where they showed me the machine was still working otherwise, and via target disk mode I can copy the hard drive data out.

I finally got a new Macbook and didn't realize the usb-c cable that it came with only has usb-c connections on both ends so I need to buy a different usb-c to -a cable.

However I wanted to check that will work... at the store the rep was using a thunderbolt cable and I can't remember if they said it would work with a usb connection. Also some searches on various articles from google seem to indicate not all usb-c/a cables are compatible for this?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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