Rosenblatt cuts AAPL target again, citing worries over 'Services' growth and low iPad Pro ...



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    If aapl heads to the 200 day moving average then the stock heads to 150-160 I can’t remember which it is, 150 I think.  The point being that that is where the train is headed, and the view along the way (all the analysts comments) are just air passing through the station and don’t effect the direction of the train.

    aapl has in the last ten years or so just penetrated the 200 day moving average before turning around.  So don’t be shocked if that is what the stock does without regard to analysts.
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    Latko said:
    The reality is sinking in that Apple's core products are, at this point, embedded in mature markets with little growth in volume or prices.

    It's growth areas are in the Apple Watch and related health as well as (potentially) home automation and self driving cars.   Plus, of course, other products and services that haven't even been thought of -- and that could evolve from the proliferation of 5G revolutionizing communications.

    In addition, it could reinvigorate lagging, narrowly focused Mac hardware as well as exploit the power of the A series chips to let iPads challenge laptops in a serious way.

    Tim's challenge will be two fold:
    1)  Keep the innovation coming
    2)  Keep the innovation customer focused rather than on glitzy tech features.

    That second point may be critical if you compare Steve's rollout of the MacBook Air to the recent rollout of the newest MBA:   Steve focused on what it (and its technical features) would do for me and you.  It was very personal.   The girl who introduced the 2018 MBA simply read off a laundry list of technical upgrades and features:  When the highlight of your presentation is a T2 chip, its time to rethink your thrust -- at least if you're Apple. 

    Or, compare the rollout of the 2018 MBA to the introduction of LTE on the Apple Watch:  Instead of a list of technical features we got a live shot of a real person making a phone call from the middle of a lake on her paddle board using her Apple Watch.   There is a huge difference between the two:  one appeals to geeks (like me) while the other appeals to normal humans.
    Agree 100% and I have been making these comments for 2 years now - without any effect.
    MBAir being crippled not to pale MB/MBPro says enough. Lamentation has become  a second nature, irreversibly & sadly.
    Cook has overplayed his strategy.
    Apple deserves 10x better than him. Look at  Microsoft CEO Sadella as an example.
    That's not what I was saying...
    The issues developing around the iPhone are those that invariably develop around a maturing market.  It's just part of the standard product cycle.   Tim/Apple have managed that cycle pretty well.  Probably far better than most, but it is having an impact.

    For the rest, Apple's modern track record has been spotty:  With the Watch it's been exemplary and up to the highest standards ever set by Jobs.  But, the Mac (hardware) line has languished and been mostly living off of its past glory and the Mac Operating system and Apple's ecosystem.

    I think Apple is entering a period where Tim's considerable abilities will be challenged.  Will he be able to keep Apple being Apple -- a quality organization that derives (long term) profit from producing high quality products that make people's lives better?  I'm betting that he will -- but there's no guarantees.
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