Macquarie slashes Apple stock target price from $222 to $188 over weakness in Services



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    Services has been in accelerated growth since ~2015 but yes, weakness. iPhone/iPad sales flat yet ~300,000,000 added to installed userbase over last 3yrs.  ‘Analyst’ is a pretty loose term these days.
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    Lastly, I would wish more than anything that Apple avoids delving further into politics. Tim Cook's Orwellian statements recently are worrying.  I don't have much to add other than that. I do hope they'll have more product innovations well beyond what I can imagine.
    Er, what? What Orwellian statements?

    Apple is a US company, and controversial US politics affect it. As a US citizen, it has the right to involve itself in matters that affect it and its work force. That’s how democracy works. 
    His comments about how people who push "hate" and "division" have no place on the platform. People can weasel into "it's a private company" but the truth is that Apple, Facebook, Google and to a much lesser extent, Twitter have mass control over speech online. Social media set tools for us to use for this: blocking, muting, etc. 

    Freedom of speech is paramount in a free society. Incitements to violence do not have free speech protections. I'm not okay with companies packed with SJWs (who believe in a political ideology known as progressivism- an off-shoot of marxism) over-regulating speech online. Since 2016 people have lost their minds on this topic. It's so nuts now that the companies I work for get flagged all the time for videos we post on social media to used as ads. Stuff that is perfectly placid and that would never get flagged 2 years ago.

    It's mostly extreme progressives pushing this censorship and almost none realize that this could back fire if the shoe falls on another foot. I don't care if you're a bat-shlt crazy left or right. It's critical that freedom of expression is upheld. Lastly, Tim Cook giving 1 million to the SPLC was pathetic. There's an org that has incited people to commit actual violence. Thankfully, people like Maajid Nawaz have started fighting back against the SPLC and he recently received a huge settlement. Cook is clearly in an intellectual bubble if he's donating to the SPLC. 
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