Which MacBook 13" - Air vs Pro?

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Hi and happy new year :-)

I need a new 13" MacBook, but I am not sure if i should get the Pro or Air?

I have always had a 15" Pro and a 13" Pro, where i use the larger one for work and the smaller one at home. Now the battery on my 2017 13" wasn't lasting very long anymore, so i sold it. 

I dont need the touchbar, but definitely want Touch ID. Also i dont need much CPU power, since i have the 15" MBP as well. So with the Air, i would get the new fixed keyboard and more battery life.

The only thing that annoys me with the MBP Air is that is has no Thunderbolt Ports on the right side :-/ and thats where i connect my unicable LG display.

What do you think?
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