New lawsuit alleges MagSafe spark ignited oxygen unit



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    Sparks, like brown stuff, happens. Anyone using Oxtgen should know that there's a slew of warnings. Heck, one shouldn't even use Hand Sanitizer when on Oxygen. Using electric devices has always been on the list of things to avoid like the plague. I'm sorry for the injury, but suing because you were stupid and used an electronic device that's plugged into the mains power whilst on Oxygen seems to be a typical response when you think other people should cover you for your screw ups.
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    Never smoke a crack pipe while using an oxygen tank. It’s just common sense.
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    The plaintiff should have sued the person who supplied them with the medical oxygen system for failing to warn of the hazards when using such a system. Of course if they were warned but failed to heed the warnings then Apple will use this as their defence.
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    JFC_PA said:
    flydog said:
    viclauyyc said:
    If there is any truth in the story. 

    Why she plugged in the MagSafe so close to her face? Unless she has really really short arms.

    Unless she was in a pure oxygen room. How can the MagSafe made a spark 59 ignite the oxygen. Not to mention the oxygen from the mask is rather small amount. Unless she stayed in Michael Jackson’s oxygen bed.

    The oxygen tank did not explode, or she will be killed.

    $75000 is really lowballs in Apple’s standard. I wonder how seriously hurts she was if her claim is true.
    Where does it say that the computer was close to her face?
    How else would a spark at the connector to the computer  ignite her mask?

    though, as mentioned, oxygen doesn’t ignite. That takes other material such as was present at the Apollo fatal fire.”A review board ultimately identified a number of conditions that led the fire. The sealed cabin had been pressurized with pure oxygen, which fuels fire. There were combustible materials all around the capsule, as well as “vulnerable” wiring and plumbing, according to the NASA summary.”

    Similarly theres “No smoking Oxygen in use”
    signs plastered everywhere in a medical facility where supplemental Oxygen is available. No doubt she was warned of the hazard? Now if that mask is made of flammable material? There’s a lawsuit worth pursuing. 

    As it was pointed out, you need three things to start a fire, fuel, oxygen in the right concentration (this is the critical part) and an ignition source. We have the oxygen, but there is oxygen in the environment and most likely at the right concentration, the mask being at 100%, (highly doubtful, would kill you) and we have an ignition source the spark. Where is the fuel source, the mask, i suspect not since no device would be approved if the mask was made from a combustible material. 

    This is the science behind this and it is not looking good based on what was shared.

    Throw that all out since if this goes to trial (companies know this so they settle to make it go away), the 12 men and women they select most likely will fail to understand any of this and feel bad for the person and award them something since its always the big bad companies fault. Curious if she is suing the maker of the oxygen machine since they provided two parts in the 3 part equation. They generate oxygen and they had to provide the fuel source as well. Let not forget Apple most likely has deeper pockets and easier to smear their names across the headlines.

    Critical thinking and analysis is a foreign concept to most people thus the reason we keep seeing stuff like this being reported.
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    the mask being at 100%, (highly doubtful, would kill you)
    I'd assume that a person, on an oxygen tank, is having trouble breathing, like pulmonary insufficiency. If that's the case (most likely) then a 100 % O2 may be needed to keep you alive. Also, if I remember correctly, while prolonged exposure to high concentrations of O2 are indeed toxic, they only make you pass out, not kill you outright.
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    DuhSesame said:
    jdw said:
    Americas are sue-happy, plain and simple.  As if poor MagSafe hasn't had enough trouble as it is, with Apple ditching it altogether from the MacBook Pro and replacing it with nothing, ensuring that more people are harmed overall (by tripping over the cord and losing your entire MacBook purchase to the ground) than one person and an oxygen tank.
    My Type-C charging cable is very easy to pull, so I don’t see tripping on it is a serious problem.
    You are right.  There is a problem with USB-C connectors as compared with USB-A connectors in that USB-C connectors can slip out more easily.  Great when you accidentally trip over the cord, but not so great when you expect your USB-C cable to stay locked in place.  Regardless, MagSafe is safer than USB-C in that it breaks away even more easily.
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    maestro64 said:

    Where is the fuel source
    "engulfing the plaintiff's skull and face in flames."
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