HomeKit is coming to Brilliant's $299 wall-mounted smarthome controller

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The Brilliant Home Control, which replaces a light switch with a speaker and touchscreen panel, will be getting HomeKit compatibility through an over-the-air firmware update this spring.

Brilliant Home Control

Using devices with Siri or the Apple Home app, people should be able to control many accessories already linked to Brilliant's hardware. These include things like lights, locks, and thermostats.

The Home Control lets people control both smarthome accessories and conventional lighting from without having to pull out a phone or tablet. To date Brilliant has depended on direct partnerships with companies like Amazon, August, Nest, Philips, Sonos, and Ecobee. In fact the Home Control has Amazon Alexa built in, and can work with Google Assistant, though it doesn't take Assistant voice commands.

Some other features include a video intercom, custom scenes, and the ability to set images and seasonal themes.

There are four different versions of the product, ranging in cost from $299 for a one-switch model to $449 for a four-switch edition. All of them require no extra wiring and run without batteries.

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    I feel like I'd be smarter to just wall mount an iPad ... or not wall mount the iPad? Like seriously, why does this need to be 300?
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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 4,371member
    Yeah, $300 for a wall switch with a screen is not needed and pricy. I like the idea except the price, and these folks do not even say that you should hire a qualified electrician, and they telling people to take picture of the wiring so you know how to put it all back together, yeah this is not going to end well. A iPhone/Ipad with some smart switch for $49 will do the same thing. Also they are charging $150 to add 3 more switch, that is the same cost as the $49 Smart switch from other companies even though their design has them all include in a single box. 

    Yeah they run without batteries since it required household 120V.
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