Sony to deliver Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support to upcoming TVs

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Following word that Samsung plans to integrate iTunes and AirPlay 2 into select smart TV models, Sony on Monday said its TVs, too, will add support for Apple streaming and remote control protocols TVs later this year.

Sony's Z9G 8K TV.

Sony at CES 2019 announced forthcoming AirPlay 2 and HomeKit integration for a handful of TVs, including the upcoming Z9G Series 8K LCDs and A9G Series 4K OLEDs, as well as the X950G 4K LCD unit, reports The Verge.

The move to integrate Apple protocols comes as a surprise for Sony, which uses Google's Android TV platform to power its smart TV offerings.

According to a press release, Sony's Z9G, A9G and X950G will let users stream content -- including movies and TV shows from iTunes -- from iPhone, iPad and Mac via AirPlay 2. In addition, Apple Music subscribers can stream their favorite tunes to a compatible Sony TV. That same support is offered to those with iTunes libraries, podcasts and other streaming services.

Since the TVs rely on AirPlay 2, sound playback syncs with other AirPlay 2 speakers and hardware in a user's home.

As for HomeKit integration, Sony's TVs will be available for provisioning via the Home app. Similar to connected lights and speakers, the TV sets can be added to HomeKit scenes and automations for remote control through the Home app or Siri. For example, a compatible Sony TV might be included as part of a scene called "Movie Night" which, when triggered, dims the lights and turns on the set.

Sony's Z9G will be available in 85 and 98 inch models, the A9G series comes in 55, 65 and 77 inch sizes, and the X950G ships in 55, 65, 75 and 85 inch versions.

Over the weekend, Apple and Samsung announced a partnership that will deliver both iTunes and AirPlay 2 to the Korean tech giant's smart TVs. Apple also struck deals with Vizio and LG promised, which also promised to bring Air Play 2 and HomeKit support to select TV models this year.

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    mac_128mac_128 Posts: 3,428member
    What would be the limitations on making this available on recent models with a firmware update?
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    Samsung said that they were going to update all 2018 sets. Maybe Sony will do the same? If your set is beyond that just get an Apple TV.
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    Here's my take:

    iPhone: I'm so bored w/ the iPhone. I hate carrying it, I hate looking at it, I hate recharging it and I hate using it. I'm still using the SE. Only b/c of the stupid high cost to upgrade, and it makes me too dependent on third rate, crappy, expensive carriers. The new iPhone models are much too large and too heavy and too expensive...(I like that my current SE's rose gold color matches my other main device a 2017 MacBook). If I lost my SE I'd be hard pressed not to buy another refurbished one. I probably would end up buying a rose gold refurbished iPhone 7

    iPad: I still have an iPad Mini 2 I use for travel. I'd consider the next generation iPad Mini for the same reason. But not at $499. Price would have to be < $299. If I lost it tomorrow, I would not replace it.
    AppleWatch: I still have the first generation AppleWatch for everyday wear, time and temperature display. But, mainly used for running. I'd consider upgrading to the current model for the larger screen size and the swimming option. If I lost it, I would eventually buy the latest model. But not right away.

    AirPods: Brilliant device! If I lost my current set of AirPods, I'd purchase another set, post haste.

    AirPower: I'd purchase today, bite the bullet and upgrade to a wireless charging iPhone, AppleWatch and AirPods w/ charging case!

    iMac: I still own a functioning 2006 original intel iMac. It's sitting, unplugged, in my garage. Getting ready to recycle it soon. Most likely will never replace it.

    MacBook (2017): My pride and joy in rose gold. Without a doubt the best Apple device I've ever owned! I probably won't ever buy an iMac or laptop again. If the new iPad mini is too expensive I'll just either travel with my current iPad Mini 2 or recycle it and travel with my MacBook! If I lost my MacBook, I'd buy the latest regular iPad and go all in w/ iOS while eschewing MacOS devices, altogether. Basically end up with an iPhone and an iPad.:)

    AppleTV: Currently own a 50" TV and the latest ATV generation (non-4K). For 2019, I may concentrate on getting a > 70" 4K TV, the 4K ATV, and 2 HomePod speakers. Forget new iPhones, MacOS devices, iPads, AppleWatches and concentrate on the living room! :)

    Software: I don't have any Google, MicroSoft, Twitter or FaceBook apps on any of my Apple devices. I only use Apple first-party apps. I have no third-party apps on my iPhone, MacBook, AppleTV, AppleWatch or iPad! I have no Chinese or Russian apps on my devices!  I have no Samsung products in my home. I have no stupid games on any of my devices.

    I'm a "fun" guy! :)

    Best regards.

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    tbornottbornot Posts: 107member
    Meh.  Now if they made their TV into a combined monitor/card cage to be a eGPU for a MAC, that would get my attention...
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    Sounds interesting, but I want to know if Sony or Samsung are able to track what I watch and what I do. And do I have to give them my name, address, phone number and/or email address in order to be able to use it. And why isn't AppleInsider concerned about these privacy issues? But to be fair, if I buy an Apple TV, do I have to give my name, address phone or email to Apple in order to use it?
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    ... if I buy an Apple TV, do I have to give my name, address phone or email to Apple in order to use it?
    You have to have an AppleID to enable the AppleTV.
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    lwiolwio Posts: 87member
    Now all they need to do is get that Android crap of them. 
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    saareksaarek Posts: 1,128member
    Interesting, presumably I could hook these TV's to my Homepod's and play all my Blu Ray's/Netflix etc to them?
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 20,593member
    Who'da thunk it a year ago...HomeKit and Airplay on Android. 
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    mcdavemcdave Posts: 1,140member
    Interesting move, presumably to counter the Chromecast onslaught. Unfortunately too little, too late; they should have created an AppleTV/tvOS internal card to replace ARM/AndroidTV before it improves.
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