iTunes and AirPlay on your Television, HomeKit everywhere -- AppleInsider Podcast at CES

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This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, Andrew and Victor are out at CES, looking for every HomeKit accessory, USB-C gear, and the hot trends coming out of the show.

Join AppleInsider staffers Victor Marks and Andrew O'Hara as they discuss:

  • Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio are now getting AirPlay 2, will get iTunes movies, and some of them will get HomeKit. Victor thinks this is huge.
  • USB-C that was nowhere to be found last year, is now growing rapidly...
  • ...and HomeKit (and Victor's favorite, video doorbell devices) are appearing all over the show.
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    Yes... and you have to be on iCloud and have to be always using Apple and Internet - not your private cloud or storage with your own content. Start using more open protocols and we could talk. Can't beat Plex and now even Synology proprietary for local content. Amazon has rentals as well and application ecosystem started growing. That is already on all those devices. So what is Apple edge? Just joining what's been there for some time? Airplay 2... right. Amazon is waiting and even Airplay has had competition in its own ecosystem for some time (AirParrot one of them).
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    patsupatsu Posts: 430member
    You are mistaken.

    These home devices typically support multiple stacks. I chose to use the HomeKit stack because it is more secure.

    These HomeKit devices are free to use local storage or your other cloud storage, and some already do. Just pick whatever device that meet your needs.

    As for Amazon stuff, they are increasingly integrated into Apple ecosystem, such as the TV app, Echo and Apple Music, etc.

    There are also HomeKit bridges to connect to other home automation platforms.

    AirParrot is not a competition. It is compatible with AirPlay 1, and helps to interoperate with other casting platforms that do not support AirPlay 2 (yet ?)
    edited January 10 watto_cobra
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    Does AirPlay on these TVs mean that 1 you can stream/mirror whats on your iPad or iPhone to the telly and its speakers. 2 you can stream from the tv to, for example, your HomePod speakers. 1 would be fine, 2 would be awesome!
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 21,096member
    ...and Airplay for Android coming soon too (via 3rd party)
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    Good job, guys! Looking forward to the rest of your CES reporting! Thx! :)
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