Nevada man thanks Siri for surviving serious Jeep crash



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    Rayz2016 said:
    I didn't aim to cause a kerfuffle; just stating that the Siri result I get on Watch frustratingly often is an offer to continue on my phone. Apologies for my jaunty banter in this world-changing discussion.

    Not really! If my butt hurt, I wouldn’t be making what I took to be lighthearted banter. People do seem to be a bit sensitive in general though fo’ shizzler. 
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    macguimacgui Posts: 2,374member
    Not really! If my butt hurt, I wouldn’t be making what I took to be lighthearted banter. People do seem to be a bit sensitive in general though fo’ shizzler. 
    Totally. I found your original post amusing. Sometimes this crowd is way too sensitive and too quick to judge. And that's just the good guys.

    At the risk of some idiot trying to brand me as a hater, Siri needs a ton of work. And like Lassie, there isn't just one. There are different servers for at least three different Siris. The Phone Siri is different than the Watch Siri which is different than the HomePod Siri. So there is a definite lack of uniformity in performance and responses.

    Siri on the Watch, at least up through Series 2, my latest Watch, is terrible. I very frequently get the 'Hold on. I'll tap you when I'm ready.' And at least half of the time, 'ready' never comes. When the Watch is out of contact with the phone, it's supposed to be able to use a known network. This rarely happens for me. Even within a few feet of my router, the most common response is 'No network connection. Siri needs...' Now the pedantic will complain that it's not Siri, but I say it's close enough- it's Apple's Siri ecosystem.

    On the phone Siri frequently interrupts my requests/orders with the 'Go ahead, I'm listening...' and the list of things I can ask. And Siri is not listening. 

    The HomePod's Siri responses are much better crafted than Phone Siri or Watch Siri. Still, she suffers from memory lapses (or something) when invoking home automation commands. I frequently have to switch to the phone to get the job done. And she's still not as good as Alexa for informational queries. Not by a long shot.

    However, when Siri works, which is also frequently, she's still near magic to me. But Apple is definitely not even close to making Siri as useful as could be. She needs work.

    And as good as Alexa is at inquiries, she sucks at home automation management. I enable skills, they break, and no more home management. And I haven't found a goto source for troubleshooting Alexa. Some places may have a little information on how to set something up, but are very little help when it doesn't work. I'm also not crazy about creating accounts with a myriad of unknown devs, to get a skill.

    I use both Siri and Alexa, because one can usually do what the other can't, but there still much of the same things neither get right. Tony Stark's Jarvis will not be in my future.
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    knowitallknowitall Posts: 1,648member
    And the dog?
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    LatkoLatko Posts: 398member
    Ah! Siri is usually the first thing I think of when crashing a Jeep.
    And more probably, the last...
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    prof said:
    It's actually a gross mischaracterisation because you won't be even able to use Siri on a non-activated phone or a different networks thanks to f'ing cloud services.
    Yes, this. I'm not sure why all of these devices don't have the basic commands built in even with no network. Play, Pause, Skip, Volume up/down, What is the time?, Set a timer, What is the date, Call 911 etc. Why can't I do those type things even with no service (especially on the watch)?
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