Apple Pay may reach Slovakia & Czech Republic this spring

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Filling out important gaps in the European market, Apple Pay is reportedly poised to arrive in Slovakia and/or the Czech Republic somewhere between late February and early March.

Prague in the Czech Republic

Two major banks -- Ceska sporitelna and Komercni banka -- as well as mBank, Moneta, and Air Bank should be the first Czech card issuers, according to Seznam Zpravy. Equa Bank and Banka Creditas could join by mid-2019.

Backing the Slovak rollout is Zive, which said that Apple is telling banks to prepare for a March deployment.

Apple Pay first launched in the U.S. in October 2014. Its international spread was initially slow, but it has since come to many of the world's biggest markets, such as China, the U.K., and Germany. Much of Europe is now covered, though other gaps include the likes of Austria, Greece, Hungary, and Romania.

The main obstacle towards expansion is negotiation with banks. Apple claims a fractional fee from each Apple Pay transaction, which can amount to millions of dollars over time. Banks are often loathe to lose that revenue, but also want to be seen as meeting demand for mobile payment options.


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    That is good, but all Europe had proximity pay with all Android phones that are way more popular in Europe than Apple devices. So as much as this is news it does not mean it creates any extraordinary innovation in Europe or it does not indicate that some countries and people suffer and are behind from lack of sophisticated solution. It just adds Apple solution to existing once. I would also encourage that Apple solves that problem with enabling chip for proximity pay cause EU courts will not be nice if standarization is not in place.
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