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    Well, we've attempted to get in contact with her and nothing so far. I'll let you know if something happens

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    my pc biggot friends thought it was cool that it still worked
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    [quote]Originally posted by Alpha Mac:


    Did you think to ask WHY????


    I'm sure someone's mentioned this before, but--

    I'm thinking that the PowerBook wasn't the woman's...but perhaps her husband's? Her boyfriend's maybe?

    You know what they say about a Woman Scorned...

    [edit: nevermind, it has. ]

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    Okay, just to keep everyone up to date, here is the latest on the story. Thanks to some wonderful people and some hard work, we were able to get the woman's name and two different phone numbers. The store I work at is in Tulsa, OK and the first number we tried was from Washington State. It was disconnected. The second number was for the Edmond, OK school district located about 120 miles from Tulsa.

    I spoke with two school representitives and neither of them were able to find this woman on their list of current employees. There are several other leads we are attempting to follow up, but at the moment, that's the story. I'll let you know if anything else comes of this.

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