'Apple News Magazines' subscription service spotted in iOS 12.2 beta

in iOS edited March 2020
The first beta of iOS 12.2 has seemingly confirmed plans for a subscription version of Apple News, apparently named "Apple News Magazines."

Image Credit: 9to5Mac
Source: 9to5Mac

Payments will be linked to a user's iTunes account, according to a landing page found in developer code. Specifically the page refers to an "Apple News Magazines Internal Seed," available to "Apple internal" users for a short time. "Your iTunes Store account won't be charged," text promises.

The beta also contains numerous references to a "bundle subscription," which could back reports that Apple is planning to sell a broader package combining Apple News Magazines with Apple Music and upcoming video content. Other stories, though, have hinted that Apple might make some video free to people who own its devices, at least initially.

Despite its name, Apple News Magazines could include articles from major newspapers like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

Rumors have pointed to a service debut this spring, which would be consistent with iOS 12.2's likely release date.

The beta software's landing page was first uncovered by 9to5Mac.


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    chasmchasm Posts: 2,779member
    Bundle me a subscription to the News sources I like the most, and I’m in.
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    Wondering if this is potentially a follow-up to Apple’s purchase of Texture (200+ magazine subscription service) last March.  Potentially a magazine + news service forthcoming?
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    Apple News Magazines? Surely they can come up with a better name than that.
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    entropysentropys Posts: 3,949member
    Much less icky than that difficult hardware stuff. Especially macintosh. People expect those to be good.
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    Sounds like the return of the awesomely terrible Newsstand. 
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    robbyxrobbyx Posts: 479member
    While I don't find anything about this rumored service remotely inspired, I can appreciate the appeal and potential benefit to Apple's bottom line.  As someone who doesn't read many magazines, I don't think I'd pay $9.99/month for unlimited content (current Texture pricing), though.
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    An astonishingly bad idea as the FCC is finally waking up to regulate Facebook.  News is regulated as a broadcast source.  Does Apple really want this?
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    ivanhivanh Posts: 597member
    RBdigital and Zinio do not give what I want:
    1. Clip / Share / Export an article / paragraphs / phrases / text & pictures, not just a link; and DO NOT remind me about copyright like what Apple native Notes is doing now;
    2. Tag and keep an article in iCloud even though the magazine has been removed from the device or returned;
    3. Select and Lookup, speak, translate words and paragraphs; add selection to a list / app with a single tap;
    4. Searchable / Smart searchable of words / phrases in a single / category / library of magazine(s). E.g. “black hole”.
    5. Integrate with Apple Books and Notes apps. 

    Cant do it? Forget Apple News Magazines.
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    FolioFolio Posts: 698member
    I’m surprised at my free trial with Euro centric Readly app. Clutter free curation without irritating ads. The magazine ads are static and easily swiped on iPad navigation. Hope Apple can improve with Texture. My worry is the conflict between showing ads as a service without alienating users accustomed to clean premium hardware experience. For instance when I view a story now in AppleNews on iPhone X much of real estate is taken by repetive ad. Same story viewed in Safari (after hitting Apples left icon) purges all the ads. Needless to say I rarely use AppleNews.
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    geekmeegeekmee Posts: 610member
    Could you elaborate with some specifics?
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    geekmeegeekmee Posts: 610member
    Tobornot: I am not following you here on how Texture is like Facebook? Could you elaborate with some specifics??
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