Comparing the 2018 MacBook Air with the less-expensive 2017 model



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    Still, I am mostly concerned about the need to buy dongles for everything (here is a pen drive, plug it in, oh wait... I can't). I need good old VGA and HDMI too, so the difference is more than 200$. 

    Just one USB-A port left, and no removal of Magsafe and I would be complelety sold on the new size, screen, battery, performance and TouchID. Now... undecided.

    VGA? When's the last time that was available on a Mac?

    You can get a USB-C HDMI/VGA adapter for around $14 on Amazon. You can get one with USB-A also for a few bucks more. 

    I bought one of these for the occasional need for USB-A at $5.99 for a pair and haven't looked back:

    Where do you come up with $200? 
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    sudaltsov said:
    I cannot believe you did not mention the cameragate of the new one. There are plenty of images around there showing how dramatically worse the new camera became.

    ^ This is scandal-worthy? Give me a break.
    See my discussion of that issue with above, already explained enough about those photos.
    And see the photos I provided, in less Apple-approved conditions.
    And of course you are also welcome to check (there are some photos too). With more photos. Look at the color noise on 2018 photos, that is where real scandal can be observed...

    There was another support thread ( ), huge, deleted by Apple (now 'access denied').... 
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    Another try. London Apple store on Regent Street. Put old and new Air on the table, side to side, started Photo Booth on both. You should have seen the faces of those poor sales assistants when they looked at the results... That is my favourite way of trolling those boys.
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