Apple looking at April launch of video streaming service



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    mobird said:
    I have a bad feeling about this and from the very beginning of reading articles on the likes of AI, this whole "Apple intends to spend ("invest") $1B on original content" just didn't seem to be practical or feel copacetic to me. Felt more like a need to stroke some egos... What will Tim Cook be wearing on the Red Carpet???

    Apple Music is a complete mess to begin with and needs a complete overhaul in every aspect. If Apple Music is so important to Apple, consideration should be given to investing in the platform. Apple doesn't need personalities from the industry, they need people with real experience from the record retail industry that was in full tilt boogie during the '70's. Apple Music needs to be the ultimate one-source Artist/Music depository. And come on Apple, give me a break, up the damn quality of the stream, owners of the HomePod will thank you! - oh and by the way, they shouldn't have to pay any additional amount for the higher quality stream.

    Apple should consider the acquisition of Tidal.

    This video streaming service is a complete distraction that Apple doesn't need. Another "me too" move by Apple.
    A complete mess, really? I think the interface is a lot better than the other alternatives, and Apple Music is growing quickly. The selection is good, and the the only time quality can be a problem is if you are streaming over your phone and your carrier's settings effect the stream quality. For example, T-Mobile's Bing On down grades the music quality in exchange for the stream not counting against your high speed data limits. There are lots of human curated play lists, which are nice. Siri is pretty good at creating playlists.  The only thing I don't like, is Apple doesn't organize its video offerings very well. 

    Tidal? Why? The Beats purchase made sense because the Beats headphone business brought in enough income for the deal to pay for itself in a couple of years. Tidal is losing money. So the deal would likely cost Apple a pretty penny and it wouldn't likely recoup the money anytime soon if ever. Kind of like Wisconsin's deal with Fox conn. If Apple truly felt the interface and stream quality needed to be improved, it could do it for a lot cheaper than buying Tidal. 
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