The Galaxy Fold is Samsung's $1980 7.3-inch folding smartphone



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    SoliSoli Posts: 10,034member
    wattouk said:
    As a phone - awful
    As a tablet - amazing
    Price - ridiculous
    1) The price seems inline with this new tech and the yields will probably make this something that makes the price point viable right now for Samsung in terms of production.

    2) My impression is that it's the worst of both worlds. Neither a great phone or tablet.
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    Well lets see a folding smartphone/tablet that might actually work. It's a 4 in a half inch smartphone or 7 inch tablet, so I guess catering to only those wanting a 4 inch smartphone as it in tablet mode is less than an inch bigger than the much cheaper S10+.
    Quite frankly at a hair under $2k price I much rather buy a $1k iPhone and $1k iPad Pro with 2 devices for the same price. I knew first gen is expensive but I can't see people seriously considering this type of device until it was $1500 or less(which would make it only a couple hundred more over the iPhone XS MAX when accounting for storage upgrade. Now with that said, nothing would make me actually consider a Samsung smartphone, Im just speaking for other brands or likely those who do like Samsung will likely not want this device.
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    Will be interesting to see how the "hinge with interlocking gears" holds up. Seems like it would have to be insanely combust, er, robust, to not be creaky junk in short order.
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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,075member
    Replacement insurance for when you sit on it is $1979.
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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,075member
    Imagine what it would cost without the tracking, third party data sharing and data mining features!
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    All Samsung hate aside; You have to admit that's a great piece of engineering 👏
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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,075member
    Amazing how the ear buds pair just like Apple AirPods of 26 months ago.
    Amazing how phone calls interrupt movies playing, just like on an iPad of 5 years ago.
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    JFC_PAJFC_PA Posts: 884member
    $1980? Let’s hear it from all the “iphones are reducilously priced” crowd. 
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    FolioFolio Posts: 698member
    For buyers whose want to taste predigital era of unfolding maps. Now with $2K Samsung you can unfold Google Maps!
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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,075member
    The amazing 3D cameras on the Galaxy S10 5G will instantly map the world around you... and immediately relay the information to the mother roach.
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    tjwolftjwolf Posts: 424member
    That looks like one fat phone! Can't see a market for a $2k phone that's twice as fat & heavy all of the time, for the relatively few times you need such a big screen (certainly you don't want to unfold it all the time - takes too much time, relative to simply looking at a screen).
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    I can't wait for iFixit to do a teardown on this!
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,037member
    There is hypocrisy all over the Fandroid realm.  If this had been an iPhone, people and the media would be accusing Apple of greed and for "ripping-off their customers".  Shame on them.

    But wait, this steaming pile of Samsung turd gets a free pass?  

    I look forward to seeing the first one Samdroid to drop this $2,000 junk on a sidewalk and shatter.  
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    FolioFolio Posts: 698member
    Would you prefer this "state of the art" Samsung Fold'em Fon? Or go another route: a new iphone and ipad for about half the price and twice the capability?
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    jimh2jimh2 Posts: 468member
    There will be jackasses that buy it. $2k for an Android phone with a Samsung skin is absurd. I don't know who the customer for this is. 
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    FolioFolio Posts: 698member
    Might wish to wait for their Gen 2, with wings that can flap like a butterfly? For what purpose you ask, well .... just wait
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    “Good luck with that!”  —Apple
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    jimh2jimh2 Posts: 468member
    e_life said:
    All Samsung hate aside; You have to admit that's a great piece of engineering 👏
    TBD. There are already a few competitors with these. Will they hold up to typical usage is the question.
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    Let us not forget that glass doesn’t fold like that, so what material will they be using on the “tablet” screen? Is it going to be plasticy? Ewe
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