Apple's safety report for 'Project Titan' testing comes in at just 7 pages



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    spheric said:
    Any idea as to why they released this report? Being voluntary in nature, this would imply some other objective. Having it generic and short as it came does not give away anything specific, leave alone a USP, so why bother writing it?
    Maybe this report is voluntary, but they need it for something else that isn’t. (One report references another)

    Apple is coming across as being waaay behind, especially in AI.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple purchases other companies to catch up...

    I think autos are of strategic importance to Apple... they need to up their game.
    I like how you're using an article that is literally about how this report shows that we have no idea what Apple is up to, to claim that Apple are "waaay behind" and "need to up their game". 
    You haven’t been following Apple’s efforts on self-driving cars closely enough.  The safety record of Apple’s vehicles on the road is terrible vs the competition.  So, yes Apple is way behind.
    Er no, you read it wrong. Recording more disengages doesn’t mean their safety record is terrible. In that article it was suggested their style is to over-report. You literally have no idea how their safety is compared to others. Unless you have some stats on fatalities no one else has?
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