Transcend rolls out new USB-C-equipped portable SSDs with Gen 2 speeds

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Transcend on Thursday launched a trio of Mac-compatible portable SSDs with USB-C, supporting Gen 2 and UASP for speeds up to 520 megabytes per second.

The ESD230C.
The ESD230C.

The ESD230C comes in 240-, 480-, and 960-gigabyte configurations, but is notable mainly for its small size, roughly the width and length of a credit card. The ESD240C is bigger, and comes only in 240- and 480-gigabyte configurations. The ESD250C offers the same capacities as the 230C, but in a candybar form factor.

The ESD250C.
The ESD250C.

The 240C and 250C are the more durable of the group, featuring aluminum housing. The 240C in particular is described as shock-resistant, making it more suitable for field work.

The ESD240C.
The ESD240C.

If need be the drives can be used with USB-A ports thanks to bundled adapter cables.

Pricing wasn't immediately available for all models and configurations. Amazon, however, is selling the 240-gigabyte version of the ESD250C for $109.99.


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    These look really nice, actually...
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,684member
    Never had issues with my USB3 Transcend mobile SSD.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 18,443member
    I have a 250 GB PCIe-based SSD that came out of the Mac Pro (cylinder) which I upgraded with parts from OWC.  I was sold an adapter case (that cost nearly as much as this Transcend 250GB)  to utilize the old one, that comprised of a flimsy case with two USB 2 connectors.  It is totally useless with very slow transfer rates.  I am guessing these beauties are similar internally but using a USB-C adapter instead of the two USB 2s.  I'd love a PCIe to USB-C adapter, I wonder if such a thing exists ... /popping over to Amazon ...  My worry is I seem to recall Apple's PCIe SSDs are a one of size/design.
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    Seems rather slow for a USB 3.1 Gen 2 drive.  Seems they could have used an NVMe SSD inside to get closer to the throughput of a 3.1 Gen 2 interface.  Even a cheap NVMe SSD could reach the 1000MB/s throughput of Gen 2.
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    AppleExposedAppleExposed Posts: 1,672unconfirmed, member
    Less than a gig for an SSD. Prices are getting nice.
    curtis hannah
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    Less than a gig for an SSD. Prices are getting nice.
    True but we are still years away from them being comparable for an external hdd(I know they'll never match, but I mean within double the price), for half the price of that 256 ssd you can find 1 to 2 terabyte external hard drives.
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