Apple's latest iPhone photo & video tutorials cover Rule of Thirds, timelapses

in iPhone edited February 2019
Apple on Friday published four short video tutorials to YouTube, offering basic tips for the iOS Camera app and shooting photos and videos with an iPhone.

iPhone timelapse tutorial

"How to shoot with light and shadow," for example, explains focus lock and how to change exposure, while "How to shoot using the Rule of Thirds" strips down composition rules and shows how to enable a grid overlay.

"How to shoot a Time-Lapse video" is perhaps the most simplistic, only pointing out where the option is. "How to trim a video" highlights the slide bar used to shorten clips in the Photos app.

Such photo and video tutorials have been emerging for over a year at this point, and may be necessary since many iOS features are unexplained to newcomers without searching for information online. The company has also been producing tutorials for other products such as the Apple Watch Series 4.
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