Ultra-exclusive BeatsX + Sacai headphones to go on sale in Paris March 4

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Apple's Beats is linking with a Japanese fashion brand, Sacai, to sell a special-edition BeatsX -- but you may have to book a ticket to France to have a shot at it.

BeatsX + Sacai

The BeatsX + Sacai has unique beaded cables, and comes in "Silver Red," "Absolute White," and "Intense Black" colors, said WatchGeneration. It's functionally identical to other BeatsX models, but also comes with a custom carrying pouch featuring the Sacai logo.

BeatsX + Sacai

To buy a pair, at least initially, people will have to turn to a pop-up store launching in Paris on March 4. The product will also cost about $200 -- a premium of more than $100 over normal BeatsX models.

Apple is no stranger to treating Beats products as fashion accessories, often focusing more on their style than sound quality or features. The company regularly pays to insert Beats products into music videos or sports sponsorships to lure in a young audience.

BeatsX + Sacai

Earlier this month it shipped "NBA Collection" and Neymar Jr. versions of its Studio3 Wireless headphones. Last fall, it even produced new urBeats3 colors to match the iPhone XR.


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    ...Or ‘book’mark a search page for these on EBay...
    I have a few Beats headphones (including BeatsX), but I’m not feeling the beads motif (along with the higher price) of these...
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    MplsPMplsP Posts: 3,831member
    Beats better give me a discount to wear those things!

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    $100 for 67 beads, almost $1.50 per bead...
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    Not my style. Maybe others will like it.
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    AppleExposedAppleExposed Posts: 1,805unconfirmed, member
    Apple needs to push culture specific products. China needs this kind of attention.

    Although a Japanese fashion brand sold in France seems strange.
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    I'm really out of style. This thing looks pretty tacky. Even the Beats Studio headphones with those chicken scratches looks better than this. And that was pretty bad.
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    maxitmaxit Posts: 222member
    I own a pair of beats X and they are very good earbuds. Btw 100$ for a new color is insane...
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    scartartscartart Posts: 201member
    How long will it be before you can buy a pack of clip on beads on eBay for $2 to convert the standard model.
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