Tim Cook being 'intrusive' to Hollywood in quest for family-friendly video fare



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    What I'd like to see is a way to have a dual option, where the same story could be told and have a family option (sans bad words - think "A Christmas Story"  - "Fuuuuudge!", T&A, do another take with the clothes intact, and violence - do another take where it's left to the viewer's imagination, like the Psycho shower scene), and at viewing time, just select what is wanted.

    I'm not saying that "Mandy" could be made into a family movie, but I think it challenges the writers' and directors' ability to carry the story to wider audiences.  I think it would help the producers as well, as none of the top 50 grossing movies* has an R rating or higher.

    *I used Wikipedia to find them, and didn't go through them one by one, but I thought the 'Furious' movies were R, but they were only PG-13.  If you found one and I didn't, OK, but the point is that even if it's 45/50 are PG-13 or lower, that's a lot of money made on more family fare.

    Terribly complicates the work and options on the average consumer BUT it could work.

    I hate watching comedies with kids where they throw in unnecessary sexualized scenes.
    Read the reviews before watching, then. Sites such as IMDb have helpful ‘parents’ guide’ sections. 
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    michelb76michelb76 Posts: 590member
    Disney is family friendly and they seem to be doing well. alternate headline: "entrenched industry annoyed at getting pushback for the very first time"
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    rogifan_newrogifan_new Posts: 4,297member
    Not liking this direction.
    I am getting increasingly pessimistic about Apple's Services strategy. 

    I am too but mostly because it doesn’t seem to be coming from a place of making great products but more so a panic about slowing hardware sales and trying to appease Wall Street’s obsession with recurring revenue streams. Apple Music made sense because Apple has always been involved with music but Apple didn’t decide to become a record producer. Just because Apple sells TV shows on iTunes doesn’t mean they know anything about producing original TV content. Now if Cook hired the head honcho leaving HBO to run this and told him Apple’s only involvement will be to bankroll projects then maybe it would work. But the two Sony guys that were hired report into Eddy Cue. WTF does he know about producing original TV content?
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    19831983 Posts: 1,225member
    Can’t say I’m surprised by this. If they don’t get their act together, and it seems like they won’t, this service is going to bomb big time! And with it Apple shares (again!) because the future is in content/services and not so much hardware anymore, as everybody now knows.

    And in the movie business itself, it is already infamous the negative impact studio interference can have on the quality and popularity of the movies that come out of them. Apple is seemingly making the same mistake...rookies!
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