DirecTV Now gains 'TV' sync, single sign-on & live tune-in on Apple TV

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AT&T on Thursday released an important update to DirecTV Now for the Apple TV, adding features such as single sign-on.

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Single sign-on means subscribers only have to enter their credentials once to unlock similarly compatible third-party apps. Previously those channel apps had to be unlocked one-by-one, particularly cumbersome when using the Siri Remote.

DirecTV Now has also been integrated with Apple's native "TV" app. That interface makes it easier to keep up with movies and TV shows from different services, mixing everything into one flow and syncing progress between iOS and tvOS devices. So far the most conspicuous absence has been Netflix.

Siri voice commands can meanwhile be used to find titles in DirecTV's on-demand library. Alternately they can be used to tune into live channels, for instance by saying "Siri, tune in to Univision."

The update should arrive automatically, after which subscribers will be prompted to sync with Apple's TV app.

DirecTV Now costs a minimum of $40 per month after a free week-long trial.


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    seanismorrisseanismorris Posts: 1,624member
    I’m curious if the DirecTV native integration is decent.  The DirecTV App itself is the worst I’ve seen.  It’s borderline unusable... 
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    FatmanFatman Posts: 513member
    Yes! I will try it tonight and report back.

    DTV Now needs some interface tweaks - can't stand when it plays current channel in the background while searching through the guide (should be able to turn this off)
    ... Also when you surf the guide when it gets to Channel 'Z' it does not circle back to 'A', yet it does this in the Amazon app version (huh?).

    They also need to fix their 'beta' DVR feature

    Otherwise I feel it is one of the better 'live TV' streaming options out there -- starting to catch up to the cable box interface/features that have been around for a decade :-) 
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    supadav03supadav03 Posts: 504member
    This is great. The more services/apps that intergrate with the TV app the better. Def agree the DirecTV Now app needs some work, but after sampling all of them (Hulu, Sling, YouTube, & PS Vue) I think it’s the best. Vue id put in second. My issue with DirecTV Now is the diff chsrges. $5 extra for 3 streams. Eventually it will be extra for more DVR space. I had the Go Big package for $35 since I signed up at launch and it’s now $40. Only thing I have to say is awesome is HBO for $5. That I give them all the praise for. 
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    tylersdadtylersdad Posts: 310member
    The app is still horrible and these minor improvements are like ice cubes chipped off of a giant iceberg. There's still no way to see what you have created a series recording for. It still records shows that aren't set to be recorded. Looking at the info for a show takes several clicks. Fast forwarding is still a guessing game.

    The list goes on and they're barely doing anything to improve it and the improvements have been in all the wrong places. 
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    22july201322july2013 Posts: 3,612member
    I can see why it might be illegal to access DirecTV outside the 50 US states when the signal is broadcast through the airwaves to earth from space, but why should DirecTVNow be impossible to get it when the signal is transmitted exclusively over the internet tubes? There are no geographical/political restrictions on selling music using the internet, whynotso with video? They both be bits.

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    I can see why it might be illegal to access DirecTV outside the 50 US states when the signal is broadcast through the airwaves to earth from space, but why should DirecTVNow be impossible to get it when the signal is transmitted exclusively over the internet tubes? There are no geographical/political restrictions on selling music using the internet, whynotso with video? They both be bits.

    Oh yes there most definitely are geographic restrictions on selling music. Take a look at iTunes US vs iTunes Japan vs iTunes UK and see what music is available on each store. I have an iTunes Japan account because there are still a lot of albums I want that aren't available in the US store.

    Yes I can buy CDs from Amazon UK and have them shipped, but that's apparently different than sending bits through the Internet...
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    FolioFolio Posts: 698member
    Once quasi-balky DTV Now app has greatly improved in the year I've had it. Ditto streaming over cellular. On certain ATT mobile plans it's discounted to under $30 month and no data charges. You can view backlog of HBO catalog, from sopranos to westworld. Easy to scan a week of fav channels to record shows. But it only holds em for a month.
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    christophbchristophb Posts: 1,482member
    Don't care how much they discount or bundle and I'm an AT&T Wireless customer.  They could pay me and I still wouldn't use their app.  It's an experience like AppleTV 1.0 - you know, the one with the integrated hard drive.  The last straw for me was DirecTV Now didn't have regional sports networks OWNED by AT&T.  Absolutely terrible experience.
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    I’d love to see an entire article comparing different streaming services’ support for authenticating individual apps. I prefer watching each channel within individual apps and it’s not clear from web sites what support there is.
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    FatmanFatman Posts: 513member
    2 years back I preferred PlayStation Vue interface and DVR to DTVN, but at the time Sony did not have full live TV (CBS was missing). I moved to DTVN to take advantage of the Apple TV promo (I Have since added a Apple TV 4K, the best streamer out there with its superior processor). At first DTVN was awful, I was part of the beta program so that helped me get to the new interface ahead of others they also threw in HBO for being so loyal during the rough early days. I must say they are really trying to improve the service, and it’s come a long way, but it is taking some time to get there. I can now recommend to family whereas I would not 1 year ago. Sony I believe now has all the live channels but offers less overall channels and costs $5 more than DTVN - you may want to check me on that.
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    FatmanFatman Posts: 513member
    Update to my prior post:

    I installed the new app version. it works .. kinda. Apple’s TV app now lists movies & shows available to play in DTV Now - this is super convenient and now I have a much more compelling eason to use Apple’s app and the Siri/microphone function. However ... as a test I went to DTV Now app and found the Antman movie playing in the SyFy HD channel. I closed the app and searched for Antman in Apple’s app and it did not list DTV Now as an option for playback ... hmmm. I hope this is a version 1 glitch and will be fixed, since now I don’t trust that I am presented with all my options for viewing on services I’ve already paid for (DTV Now) vs. renting for a fee through iTunes, etc.
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    harry wildharry wild Posts: 811member
    Sorry to say that many of it channel apps and/or networks do not list Direct TV Now as being a valid log in for their content.  Only Direct TV qualifies!
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    I've ditched my overpriced TV cable and switched to DirecTV Now. It is saving me a small fortune, but I sure miss my TiVo. The "beta" DVR's UI is very poorly designed.
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    applesauce007applesauce007 Posts: 1,699member
    What version of DirecTV Now supports Tune-In ?
    I have version 2.2.0 Build 1275 and it does not appear to support it.
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    ZooStationZooStation Posts: 4unconfirmed, member
    It doesn’t support tune-in service... chatted with Support this am. Engineers said it’s not in this build.

    marketing got ahead of the ball...

    i had to do a whole sign-out DTVnow, sign out of TV provider, delete DTVnow app then reinstall in a specific order only to confirm it all still doesn’t work.. ;)

    Native TV app does not live sync with live DTVnow... example Iowa Hawkeyes game on BTN... shows it in TV, but can’t watch it on DTVnow app..


    They must have a communication barrier between the project managers and the developers. Cause it’s sophmoric at BEST...
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    RalMikeMRalMikeM Posts: 1member
    The live tune-in option was a great feature. Has anyone else experienced issues with this lately?  It works to open the app but not to tune to a particular channel. 
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