Disney+ streaming service to offer entire Disney movie catalog, including 'Disney Vault' t...



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    Apple's streaming service is DOA.  There's no way they compete with this.
    Hmm. So those of us with jack diddly interest in Disney brands are, absolutely, not going to anything anything Apple may possibly come up with? Okay.... Who do you favor in the World Series? Any stock tips?
    I think the people who have no interest in the Disney brands make up a very small part of the movie watching population.  They're the Apple of movie making.  They're far and away the most successful studio.  And now they've added Fox.  They're the elephant in the room...and Apple is going to launch against them.  Apple has no IP's.  They're struggling trying to get things going in their own studio.  Only Apple die hards can really think that they will be a major player in the streaming space.
    Yeah, same song & dance we heard when Apple was rumored to enter the digital music player space, the cell phone space, streaming music space, yada yada... "They're not just going to walk in!" etc.. 

    Just as Apple holds a non-majority of mobile share yet manages to thrive (same with music streaming), if they enter this space I'm sure they'll be just fine without our worry and "concern". They don't have to topple Disney to do well. If you recall, Jobs was content with 2% when Apple launched iPhone.

    Apple's iPhone controls BY FAR a majority of the sales among mobile phone manufacturers in the US, the richest market in the world, and worldwide it's at #3 last I saw. That includes even the Chinese-focused and owned OEM's who have a massive audience to sell to in China alone, about 1.5 billion people and approx. 80% of them old enough to be buyers. Portraying Apple as this little underdog competing above its weight class is pretty silly isn't it?
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    Been quite disappointed that I can't access Disney+ yet, but I found this post on Reddit with an explanation on how to access it if you're not in the Netherlands. I tried it with Surfshark, and it worked quite well for me. Today's plans are to stream as many movies as I can. Btw, here's the link to the steps: https://www.reddit.com/r/DisneyPlusVPN/comments/dvp25q/disney_streaming_working_vpns_and_how_to_buy_the/
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