Spark email client receives major update to turn emails into delegated tasks for teams

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Popular macOS and iOS email client Spark got a significant update. adding a unique feature to make it even more powerful for teams.

Spark delegation
Spark email delegation

The latest update for Spark includes a new feature called delegation. Emails can now be delegated to coworkers as tasks, and followed up on appropriately.

A manager or team leader can now receive an email and assign the email to a team member with a deadline to complete it. The team member will receive the task like any other email but with the corresponding deadline. As the team member completes the task and marks it complete, the assigner will receive a notification that the task is handled.

Readdle touts this as useful for CEOs, founders, manager, and team leaders who need a way to better communicate with assistants or employees.

The new feature is coming to both iOS as well as Mac as part of Spark for Teams. To use it, they must first create a Team within Spark. Teams on the free tier will get 10 active delegations each month before they have to upgrade to Spark Premium for $7.99 per month, per user.

Spark received its last major update at the beginning of March which finally added rich text formatting to emails to make them much more stylized with bullet points, numbered lists, text highlighting, indentations, and more.


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    jpellinojpellino Posts: 618member
    If only Apple would do this for

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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 2,516member
    Read the terms of service before handing over your login credentials.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 21,301member
    cpsro said:
    Read the terms of service before handing over your login credentials.
    I just uninstalled the Chrome/Gmail plugin. Not nearly as useful and reliable as I had originally hoped. I don't remember anything in the terms that gave me any concern but perhaps there was and I overlooked it. No matter now as I've decided it's not for my company. 
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    I love Spark and use it all the time but I use iMessage to delegate the task of bringing me another cold one to my wife. 
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