Apple unveils 5th-gen iPad mini with Apple Pencil support, better Retina display



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    gutengelgutengel Posts: 340member
    $400 for a outdated design and 64GB of memory, old apple pencil same price as 2 years ago. It feels Apple is just lagging on strategy. At this point I see Apple selling the same 3 year old AirPods for the same dam price for the next 3 years and selling the 2G for an extra $30~$40. And then they wonder why ALL their hardware sales is down world wide... If Apple is serious about selling services, they should be a bit more generous about what they offer hardware wise to really attract new customers. It feels like Tim is afraid of cannibalising it's own lineup.  
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    ElCapitanElCapitan Posts: 289member
    I bet the updated mini will make a great run with businesses who need a small device that can fit in a cargo pant or jacket pocket. The pencil support makes it easier for workers to do quick data entry when out and about. Helps for taking signatures too. 
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    Eric_WVGGEric_WVGG Posts: 686member
    Where are the bozos who were convinced this would ship with an A10

    Come on out you dummies 
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    eightzero said:
    Nice. But at $399, count me out. 
    Can you name JUST 1 tablet which costs less and provide similar features as iPad Mini 5? Just one would do.
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    No idea why they didn't include this on the agenda for the March 25th event but it doesn't matter.
    Presumably they have a full agenda already and why wait another week if they are ready now? 
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    For all the questions regarding why the Apple Pencil 1 vs. Apple Pencil 2 support for these new iPads, it's all about the cost!

    These iPads were released to meet certain price points.  To use the new Apple Pencil 2 would require the new "ProMotion" technology displays use in the iPad Pros, that have the higher refresh rate.  That would drive cost up.  The Apple Pencil 2 is also more expensive than the Apple Pencil 1.

    I'm not trying to justify the difference/cost - just explaining why the Apple Pencil 1 is still used for the new devices.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,513member
    eightzero said:
    Nice. But at $399, count me out. 
    In 6 months it’ll be discounted, don’t worry.
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    MisterKitMisterKit Posts: 292member
    I am surprised it has an A12. That will certainly keep it around for a few iOS generations to come. Nice to keep the newer screen. The mini 4 screen was such a major improvement over mini 2. I’m a little surprised to see base storage at 64GB and not 128GB. Bumping up to 256GB is getting this new device into a pricey range but it is hard to make the argument you are not getting a really well equipped solid piece of gear for the money.

    The verdict is that I’ll be getting one but I’m not as stoked as I was during the anticipation. I was hoping for a completely usable upgrade in the $299 range. And yeah, keeping the 3.5mm jack is a threshold factor for my purchase.

    it will be interesting to see if mini 4 goes below the previous $249 low price point. At a blow out price it would still be a consideration.
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 4,305member
    The design is dated, but for me the size is perfect and it has Apple's latest chipset which should give it legs. As I will be upgrading from the Mini 2 running iOS 8 the difference will be noticeable going forward. Not so much in what I use it for (mainly audio/video playback and text based applications) but for OS support and any new apps that might be compelling down the road.

    If it were a device I had to use on the go (literally) the chin and forehead would be a major issue but I will be using it mainly while on transport systems. Larger screens bleed over to the people around you and I don't think those people should be distracted by what I am doing, as more often than not, it is an annoyance to them.

    TouchID is fine by me as a biometric that is cheap and proven. 2D FaceID would have been a nice option but Apple doesn't want to do that.

    Seeing as before today my only upgrade option was an ageing iPad Mini 4, things have taken a massive turn for the better. I might not be your typical iPad Mini potential purchaser, though.
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    For $400 it should have had the iPad Pro design and name but it is still a buy for anyone that wants an iPad Mini upgrade.
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 8,818member
    Can someone please explain to me why Apple would release new devices with the old tools (Apple Pencil).  I upgraded my pro and kinda feel slapped in the face by this but love the size of the mini.    
    Ah yes, the “I want pro-features at the non-pro price” slap in the face. Apple has victimized you, yet again. 
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 8,818member
    And it's still $399, now for half the storage as before. Talk about DOA release.
    Who is this for exactly? The person who wants the cheapest way to get Apple support? Oh wait no that's the larger and better and cheaper 9.7" iPad at $329.

    So its for the person who wants the smallest and least usable Apple Pencil support? What a joke.

    Because no one is going to buy this as just an iPad, because its a terrible buy in that regard.
    Poor Apple, they just don’t know what they’re doing, do they? 40+ years, more earned profits than god, first trillion dollar market, so clueless. They need your help!

    Also, Avon said he’d buy this, so ask him who’s it for. 
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    Might we guess a Pro Mini with minimal bezel is in the works, for late fall or maybe the new year ?
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 8,818member

    conitor said:
    As much as I love the iPad Mini, this release I a bit disappointing.  It simply doesn't justify the $399 starting price imo.  What about the Pencil?  I'm not sure what purpose it serves to support 2 different pencils, originally hoped gen 2 was simply a replacement to gen 1 with a forced upgrade but now its more Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil Pro.  Completely unnecessary, all it does is confuse consumers, give the appearance as a money grab and having another SKU that is seemingly unnecessary.  
    Hmm yeah couldn’t have anything to do with being cheaper hardware, right? Seriously, it’s common sense: the new pencil is more expensive because it does more, and it’s more expensive to implement on the ipad compared to the old pencil. Thus, if building a non-Pro that is supposed to be cheaper, using the older pencil is cheaper than the new. Do you want newer that does more? Cool, that costs more. Do you want cheaper? Cool, that does less. 

    Why is this hard?
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 8,818member
    For $400 it should have had the iPad Pro design and name but it is still a buy for anyone that wants an iPad Mini upgrade.
    Another guy who feels he’s entitled to Pro features at non-Pro prices. Clearly you dudes have never had to build and sell products before.
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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,195member
    The new Pencil is a much more premium experience for Pro iPads. The 1st Gen Pencil still is industry leading & its cheaper for regular note taking.
    No argument on its premium status but it’s a stagnant step as opposed to being progressive.  I generally feel like Apple isn’t pushing hard enough for tech advances anymore - I get it but as I admitted, it also feels like a slap in the face to me having purchased all new equipment.  

    Can someone please explain to me why Apple would release new devices with the old tools (Apple Pencil).  I upgraded my pro and kinda feel slapped in the face by this but love the size of the mini.    
    That's twice you mention who you got "slapped in the face", and for the life of me I can't fucking understand what you're referring to, since you already purchased new stuff. 

    So if you have the latest Pro and also would like a mini for portability you can’t share a Pencil across the devices. How ridiculous.
    You really have crazy use case scenarios.

    Yep, you know it's rogifan with the never-ending, fake concern-trolling and the weird-ass scenarios he conjures up to justify that trolling. How many people who use a new iPad Pro with a pencil, also have an ADDITIONAL iPad mini for "portability" that they also use the pencil with? Like, what percentage of people is this? Like 0.000001%? And it's "ridiculous" that this may not be ideal for that cross-section of maybe 4 people in the world? Ok.
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    Very disappointing.  FaceID is two iPhone generations old, and non-existent on the brand spanking new iPad mini. So, because I prefer a smaller screen for easier use in a cockpit, I'm being sentenced to an inferior experience? And what's with the old pencil? This is not the Apple I know.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 21,302member
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    elijahgelijahg Posts: 1,016member
    avon b7 said:
    So many people told us (and were so sure of themselves in the process) that the Mini was dead, to get over it, there was no market for it etc.

    They were wrong just like they were wrong on so many other things. I hope being so categorically wrong on so many issues now, will make those people at least present their comments as simple opinions and not as fact.
    That seems to happen a lot here. People with their head buried in the sand and fingers in their ears claiming something as fact and won't listen to reasonable arguments the other way. Dismiss or even question what they say and you're an "anti-Apple troll".
    No idea why they didn't include this on the agenda for the March 25th event but it doesn't matter.
    Seemed strange to me too. My feeling is they've got so much to announce (new iMacs???? ...please?) that they didn't have time for this too.
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    markbyrnmarkbyrn Posts: 612member
    Sorry Tim Apple, I'm not blown away by this 
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