New iPads, iMacs, and AirPods, plus what to expect on Apple's March 25 event on the AppleI...

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This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, Apple has announced a huge amount of new hardware including new iMacs, iPads, and AirPods -- but all eyes are on the March 25 "Its show time" event.

iPad mini with Pencil
The iPad mini 5 with Pencil

AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and writer William Gallagher answer listener emails and discuss:
  • Apple announced a lot of refreshed products, including William's favorite: the iMac. But William does mention that there's a sort of blurring of the lines, and it's not always easy to know which to buy when choosing a new machine
  • Victor likes the idea of AirPods that have "Hey Siri" functionality always on. This is a game-changer for Voice First interfaces.
  • Apple's news service looks like it's getting ready to launch, and Victor isn't as excited about the subscription model as he is about being able to unsubscribe easily.
  • AirPower seems imminent. In a year's time we went from, it's impossible, to Apple hiding all mention of it, to it looking like an inevitability. There are clues that AirPower support is in the iOS beta.
  • Goldman Sachs's CEO may be in the audience at the March 25th event, another clue that the financial product for Apple Wallet could be happening.
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    dewmedewme Posts: 2,158member
    With the release of the new iPads, iMacs, and AirPods immediately prior to the March 25 event I feel like I've eaten the dessert before the meal and I'm not really hungry anymore. I realize that Apple wanted to keep primary focus on whatever it is they'll be showing us on March 25th, but the timing coupled with all the "subscription" rumors makes me cautious that the main course is going to be some bland meatloaf, instant potatoes, and lima beans. I certainly hope that this is not the case and whatever Apple shows us next week makes the past couple of weeks of hardware goodies pale in comparison to the mind blowing announcements on the 25th. At least I've already had dessert, so worst case I can still savor the sweet memories of the past couple of weeks if the 25th is a shrug.  
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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 728member
    Not interested in Apple Television shows or News subscription, that is if they will even be available in Canada. I just want a bump up in space and features in iCloud. Double or triple the space at each paid tier. An updated TimeMachine that let you back up to iCloud. That I would be excited for.
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