Apple running supposed 'livestream' ahead of March 25's press event



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    macapfel said:
    The stream switched to a drone showing a dark black Mercedes SLK. The door opened, Tim Cook and others sat around a small conference table, Tim Cook in the driving seat, but with his back to the front window. No steering wheel, no gear shift or anything like it. They got off the car, walking straight to the Steve Jobs Theater. It finally was mind-blowing again!
    Ah no, that was just the hope. The stream just stopped.
    Jerk. :)

    Had me hyped.
    curtis hannah
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 20,698member
    gatorguy said:
    Thery said:
    Why hasn't anyone tried to locate and meet the car driving in the stream? Could this be Project Titan?
    Apple doesn't currently have a California permit for a fully autonomous vehicle yet, at least as far as I know. Few companies do. But yeah Apple's current on-the-road autonomy software testing now approaching two years old is part of Project Titan.

    I would certainly expect that based on all the innuendo that Apple will be discussing at least in brief all the "innovations" in their pipeline. They're at a point in the company where they find themselves pivoting from iPads and iPhones towards "software as a service" and that could make some investors nervous. Promoting cars and AR and other future tech that could include the hardware elements rather than simply software is a common sense approach to appease shareholders, potential shareholders, and long-time dedicated Apple users.

    IMHO they'll discuss more than just the subscriptions services. 
    I don’t see the logic in that. It’ll be a tightly focused event. All the star power on stage will have people talking for a while.
    You were correct @SpamSandwich ;, and I was wrong. Any unease surrounding Apple's shift from hardware to a more services focus was not addressed at all. I mistakenly thought otherwise. Nope this was purely about services and subscriptions. 
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