Apple Music comes to Amazon's Echo & Fire devices in the UK and Ireland

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Following up on a U.S. launch, Amazon has opened Apple Music streaming to U.K. and Irish owners of its Alexa-enabled Echo and Fire devices.


Compatibility should roll out during the next few weeks, Amazon said. Voice commands should be largely similar to those on Apple hardware, such as "play 'Kammarheit' on Apple Music," or "shuffle the 'Best of Dark Ambient' playlist on Apple Music."

Adding Apple Music as secondary or default service requires launching the Alexa app, opening Settings, then going into the Music submenu and selecting "Link New Service." This includes Fire TV devices such as the Cube, though those products can't yet play Apple's video content.

Apple Music first arrived on Echo devices in mid-December, but only in the U.S., much to the consternation of many owners. That expanded to Fire TV streamers in March, but again with the same regional restriction.

Apple appears to be gradually relenting in the platform exclusivity of its services. Its original video content, Apple TV+, will be accessible not just through first-party devices but some smart TVs, and Roku and Amazon streamers.


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    At last, it has arrived in the UK! Just made Apple Music the default service on our various Echo devices.
    Yes, an Echo Plus doesn’t sound as polished as a HomePod but it is much cheaper and Siri still has some catching up to do to be as user friendly as Alexa. 
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    Ireland! Before most of the rest of the world!  This is almost unheard of. Not a particular fan of Amazon devices but it’s nice to be near the front of the queue for something....

    Glad our UK neighbours got it, too. 

    Maybe my dream (hope/desire/bucket list) of getting an Apple Store in Ireland isn’t so far-fetched after all.....

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    dewmedewme Posts: 2,151member
    Apple’s opening up of Apple Music to Amazon Echo devices is one of the most customer friendly decisions Apple has made in the past year. Hats off to Apple and Amazon for putting their mutual customers interests first. 
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