Scosche Strikeline USB-C to Lightning cable now available to order

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Scosche's new Strikeline USB-C to Lightning cable is now available, letting you power up your iPhone significantly faster than the typical USB-A.

Scosche Strikeline cable
Scosche Strikeline cable

The Scosche CI44-SP Strikeline cable runs four feet in length with USB-C on one end and Lightning on the other and is available in black. The cable is certified through Apple to ensure it works properly with your device.

Apple's iPhone X and newer support Fast Charge, which is significantly quicker at charging your iPhone than a USB-A cable. To do so, you need a USB-C Lightning cable -- such as the Strikeline -- and a USB-C charging brick. With those, you can achieve 50 percent charge in only 30 minutes.

Scosche Strikeline cable
Scosche Strikeline cable

The cable is also useful for charging your iPhone from your new iPad Pro's USB-C port or connecting to any recent Mac that has ditched USB-A.

Thus far, only Anker has been shipping a USB-C Lightning cable, with everyone else awaiting on Apple's MFi certification.

You can pick up the Scosche Strikeline USB-C to Lightning cable right now on Amazon for $24.99.


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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 1,957member
    Apple's USB-C to lightening 3ft cable MQGJ2AM/A costs $19 with free shipping. Anker similar 3ft cable on Amazon $18 and Scoche 4ft $25. I think I will go with Apple.
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    gutengelgutengel Posts: 267member
    When are these cables going to start coming down in price?
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 4,612member
    gutengel said:
    When are these cables going to start coming down in price?
    You mean the cheap Chinese knockoffs that will probably ruin your phone?  Those cables?
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    mpantonempantone Posts: 1,378member
    The $19 Apple cable works great. I am using this paired with a 29W USB-C charger for my iPhone Xs, iPad mini (4th generation, which does not benefit from the fast charge feature) and my 2017 MacBook (paired with a USB-C cable). When traveling, I also toss in the standard 5W USB charger with the appropriate Lightning-to-USB-A cable.

    Good to know there are third-party options which always have the possibility of future price reductions.
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    DCJ0001DCJ0001 Posts: 57member
    "You can pick up the Scosche Strikeline USB-C to Lightning cable right now on Amazon for $24.99."

    Price: $19.99 & FREE Shipping

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    payecopayeco Posts: 301member
    Anker sells a USB-C to lightning cable model that is exclusive to Target on If you have a Redcard it’ll drop the price to $18. I picked a couple of them up. I actually prefer this Target model to the one Anker sells on Amazon. I personally prefer 6ft or 10ft cables, which no one sells yet, but I bought some USB-C extension cables on Amazon and they work great.

    The other thing to consider when looking at the price is the warranty period. These Anker cables have a lifetime warranty. That can really defray the cost when you consider you can get this cable replaced as many times as you need for zero cost to you. Your $8 cable might be cheaper up front but if you have to replace it three or four times it really costs you $24 or $32 dollars.

    They also carry it in black:
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    I wish Anker have 10ft long version, 3ft is too short...
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