Latest Apple 'Shot on iPhone' video uses iPhone XS to showcase nature's fury around the wo...

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Apple has published a new video in its 'Shot on iPhone' series to its YouTube channel. 'Don't Mess with Mother' shows Mother Nature in all its forms from undersea life to plants and an avalanche.

Detail from Apple's 'Don't Mess with Mother' video
Detail from Apple's 'Don't Mess with Mother' video

The new Apple video chiefly concentrates on animal wildlife around the world, but also delves underwater with a shark and into the air with majestic footage of an eagle. It was filmed in nine countries around the world and features a metal soundtrack with Megadeth's Last Rites.

Released just ahead of Earth Day 2019, the 70-second 'Don't Mess with Mother' video was shot on iPhone XS by Camp4 Collective, a production company specialising in outdoor photography for films and commercials. It's best known for producing 'Meru', a 2014 mountaineering movie that won the Sundance Film Festival's Audience Award.

Apple's 'Shot on iPhone' campaign demonstrates the video capabilities of the smartphone range with these ads, with the most recent ones shot in the Maldives and Cuba debuting this month.

The same campaign also produces a long-running range of still photographs that are used in its display and billboard ads.

Update: Apple released a follow-up video showing the making of "Don't Mess with Mother" to its YouTube channel on Wednesday.


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